Position - Points Name of Band Tune of Choice Arrangers
1st  - 267 Real Steel   (video) Pan In The Atmosphere Leroy Clarke
2nd - 265 Metronomes Steel Orchestra  (video) Carnival Tabanca Anise ‘Halfers’ Hadeed
3rd  - 262 Mangrove Steelband   (video) Big People Party Andre White
4th  -  260 Ebony Steel Band   (video) Jump High Samuel Du Bois
5th  -  248 Croydon Steel Orchestra   (video) Spankin’ - A Tribute Arddin Herbert
6th -   238 CSI Steel Band   (video) Jump High Justin “Redz” Richardson

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UK Panorama took place on Saturday 23rd August at Horniman Pleasance Park, Bosworth Road, London

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  • Just want to say a big thank you and congratulations to Leroy Clark and members of real steel on making history completing the hatrick on the 50th anniversary of the UK panorama 2014. Not to forget making history by winning with a tune composed by a British born Pannist who has won the BAS Steelpan soloist of Great Britain on 3 separate occasions and decided a collaboration with Trinidadian veteran calypsion the original Defosto and compose two land marks in the history of the Steelpan. Before I continue I must state that these achievements in combination will NEVER BE REPEATED In our life time and it will be the 100s Anniversary when. It can be done.
    1. 2013 Trinidad celebrated 50 years of panorama the composition We come out to play WON the small band panorama with BJ marshal arrangement with Arima golden symphony
    2. We come out to play was also the most played tune in Trinidad panorama 2013 I have records of 10 bands performing it there may be more that I have misted.

    3. 2014 London. Celebrates 50 years of panorama and the winning band performs my second composition Pan in the atmosphere and wins UK panorama.
    Just a little bit of the history of pan I would like to draw your attention to.
    Pan is love and I am pan this goes to all Pannist world wide. Best wishes for panorama and in the future
    Warmest regards might jamma
  • Leroy Clarke is a excellent arranger, congratulation to Real Steel.

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