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Cool Hand Smooth All Stars, Arranger, ‘Bounce and Drive’ on Hat-Trick Hunt

Global - To Sharon Edwards, her public and private husband is one and the same.


Well, Leon Edwards is not known as Smooth in the pantheon of steel band lore for nothing. In the late 60s, Edwards and Clyde Boland, a Trinidad All Stars bandmate, had just exchanged greetings in the pan yard on lower St. Vincent Street.

“How things?” Boland enquired. “Smooth,” Edwards shot back. “He name Smooth,” his friend said, smiling, “Man, he’s smooth.”

Edwards now recalls the game-changer with relish, obviously untroubled by the jangle of distinctive chirps of frogs in the night outside the Curepe home he and his wife share.

They met when two events coincided as if it were pre-ordained. Friends at Holiness Revival Ministries in Port of Spain had coupled them a year or so following the death of his wife, Caludette, from cancer in 2010. Sharon was attracted to his humility and Christian ethics. At first, she didn’t understand the layers of generational fandom pulsing across the land, even rippling like skipping stones across the seas, but as time went by she couldn’t help but notice such adulation - an encore of sorts for his passionate arrangements of Panorama music.

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Great article Dalton. Very informative. Smooth is one of the true greats of pan.


Yeah great article, enjoyed it! Respect to Smooth one of the best panorama arrangers ever!

Excellent work. I really enjoyed this one, Dalton.


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