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Dear President Ramsey-Moore - No freebees for anyone!

Dear Ms Beverley

Absolutely no freebees this year. No complementary tickets to the 2019 Panorama. None for the NCC, none for the government, None for the other ministries, none for the gangstas and none for Robert Amar. None, none, none. It will be the hardest ticket to get your hand on this year. And let everyone know you will collecting ticket stubs this year. Things are tight this year and panmen and panwomen have not been paid for 2017.

Now in terms of that 41 million dollars that everyone is trying to pin on team rebuild -forget about it. You may have to declare bankruptcy like Donald Trump and start over. The other options is to sell Pan Trinbago's debt to China like the US. Last time I checked China owned the US. And if they ever called in their markers a lot of billionaires would not even be able to afford a ride in a maxi taxi. You can also consider selling or leasing the bewildered Pan Trinbago headquarters and land to China. Make sure get about 600,000,000 million in yuans. China is already buying up all of Africa and the Caribbean so a ten year lease might be a better idea. Oh, and if you do decide to invest the money from China in a new headquarters please make sure you use local labour to build it.

The last thing you can do turn in Rolly Polly and the ganstas for some reward money and a percentage of the money that is missing.

Also, how did Robert Amar end up with Pan Trinbago owing him so much money? Did Rolly Polly and the gangstas out business him too? Just asking.


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bugs: I got banned from responding to TOPICS LIKE THIS by Cecil Hinkson. So yuh on yuh own!!!

Me and my ENGLISH FRIEND can no longer call a certain name on THIS FORUM!!!

Claude:  You are so funny.

Everyone is so sensitive and not looking at the bigger picture.  A new Executive Committee was voted in.  As I don't live in Trinidad, please could someone tell me what has been done in the last two weeks to bring pan forward.

Have the pan players got any money for playing in 2018?

What is going to happen when the Government distribute the 2019 Panorama monies.  What proportion of that will go to pan players?

As you can see, I can ask all the relevant questions without calling anyone's name!

Ingrid: I consider you a TRUE TRINI CULTURE LOVER. And in my world you have the right to voice your opinion on the current politics. I mean since the early nineties you have been going to TRINIDAD every year for carnival and other events. When they talk about TOURISM they are talking about PEOPLE LIKE YOU.

And now people on THIS FORUM think that you are not entitled to voice your opinion on the NEW CRISIS facing PAN TRINBAGO: INEPTITUDE!!!

She going and set up 8 COMMITTEES she say!!! Like is ah GOVERNMENT she think she running!!!

Anyway, I am sure that you have HUNDREDS of TRUE LIFE experiences around PAN and CALYPSO that you could bring to THIS FORUM from your unique seat in ENGLAND.

And yuh know that even if I run out of TOPICS, people does me sending me all kinda issues to talk about

so i could always choose from that lot and keep the discussion going.

But if Cecil so care about this NEW PAN TRINBAGO ADMINISTRATION he should just move back down to TRINIDAD and get ah job with this new administration and live happily ever after IN PAN!!!

Right now ah have to go and rework a topic that meh cousin send meh from down in Trinidad. The man tell me that since I could no longer discuss PANTRINBAGO and its leader -- he want me to talk about this PAN TUNING ting. And that is a topic I have an interest in myself.

So yuh see -- I eh too worried!!!

Well Mr. Claude and Me Dear Ingrid

In the first, second and third place - you Claude are only suffering from permanent concussion. On the other hand, Cecil is a man that don't joke. In case you haven't heard - He fired the coach of the Raptors after he won "coach of the year". I mention this only to say that the man has very high standards. He expects Beverley to deliver the goods. And if Madame President expects to ever travel or do Pan business in Canada she will have to do it sooner than later.

Now as for you Ms. Ingrid, Claude has been a very bad influence on you. As our #1 UK representative you must free yourself from Brexit - oops -  I meant unforced errors. Claude has been having a difficult time dealing with two Queens on the board - that is Madame President and Minister Dolly. It has been truly scary time for him. There is no calypso that covers his getting kicked in "D'Ass" by Team Rebuild. And to make matter worst, the color of Team Rebuild is some kind of blue. Have you heard the blue-wave that is sweeping the USA this morning as the early votes are now being counted - oops I digress again. Anyway, Ingrid please tell Claude he is no longer dealing with the gangsta party.

Yes, Cecil imagine after Madame President put a beat-down of a lifetime on them gangstas, Claude trying to act like he seeing red, or he can wuff wuff at the President. He will not admit it, but Rolly Polly and D'Photo got checkmated by two queens. On other matters, congratulations on Toronto's great start to the NBA season. Watch your back rumors have the Claude trying to Robert Amar you and steel Kawhi Leonard from Toronto in a sign and trade at end of the season for Clay Thompson. Don't fall for that King James and Magic already have that in the bag.

And back to you Claude - please send all your responses to Mr. Ash for clearance. He is in good standing with everyone and don't play "D'Ass"

Please check with ODW, Russell Providence and or Kim Johnson if you need legal or historical assistance.



Bugs:  You have truly made my Friday.  I can now relax this weekend, knowing that my opinions have been recognised.  Not necessarily actioned, but at least recognised.


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