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Gregory Lindsay is  feeling concerned

When elected officials brazenly engage in mismanagement, especially corruption, and constitutional provisions cannot remove them forthwith, the fault lies with the wider membership. It is wholly unacceptable that only a few people have the sense of commitment, to publicly demand resignations from unwanted officials...Good Luck PanMen & Women..

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The incoming executive led by Keith Diaz. What a thing?

CRYSTAL BALL PROPHECY about to be fulfilled: The incoming executive led by Keith Diaz!!!


Like D. J. Trump said: All sides.

Did I really hear someone say..."I find since yuh appeal de decision...yuh should leave!!"...???...Really?...Is that how it works?...So I would go to court and win...and then waste the courts time by walking away?...I wonder of dem fellas understand what dey getting involved in?

MTB: give "dem fellahs"ah chance to like yuh, nah!


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