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[1].   In October 2012, I submitted my nomination [duly supported by two financial members] for the upcoming elections to the Central Executive of Pan Trinbago. The Secretary sent me a letter stating that my nomination was rejected as I was a delegated member of an UNFINANCIAL Steelband. My band, Neal & Massy Trinidad All Stars had won Panorama in 2011 & 2012.   

Upon inquiry with my band’s management, I was told that Pan Trinbago owed the band Panorama Appearance Fees. PT Inc. was told to deduct the annual registration fees from what was due to the band. In fact, Mr. Forteau signed a document [October 2012] acknowledging that the 2011 & 2012 Appearance Fees were outstanding to the band which was submitted into evidence in the High Court.

Under oath on the witness stand, Mr. Forteau testified to this fact. He also stated that the band was deemed financial on August 31st 2012 and was registered for Panorama 2013. Yet, in October 2012, the band was deemed unfinancial.

This was a blatant attempt by the executive of PT Inc. to deny me my right to contest the 2012 elections. As such an injunction was filed, which stopped the 2012 CEC elections from taking place. The lawyers were paid from personal funds. The matter was heard in the San Fernando High Court on December 3rd 2012 [Justice Rahim] and his decision was given on January 17th 2013.

Justice Rahim stated that in member organizations, where the organization owes its member funds, and where the amount owed is greater than the annual registration fees, then the organization cannot declare the member unfinancial. As such, I was eligible to contest the 2012 elections; my nomination should not have been rejected by the Secretary.

My colleague, Keith Simpson had his nomination rejected when he was deemed as not being a delegate. Pan Trinbago had in its possession a document from St. James Tripolians that the any member of the band’s management team was duly authorized as a delegate. The document listed the names of the management team. Mr. Simpson is Manager of his band. In court, Pan Trinbago conceded.

Pan Trinbago appealed the above judgement which was heard and the decision given on February 23rd 2015 by the Appeal Court Judges supporting Justice Rahim’s decision that my band was not unfinancial and I was eligible to contest the elections. They also noted that Keith Simpson was a duly authorized delegate of his band. Once again our personal funds had to be used to pay our lawyers to defend the appeal.

In the Annual General Meeting held on Sunday October 25th 2015, Keith Diaz President, stated that  our court matter  caused the organization to spend over $600,000 in legal fees – what he did not say is that by appealing the judgement and losing , they had to pay the additional high legal fees involved.


[2].  At the AGM on Sunday October 25th, I submitted a letter signed by my Administration Manager indicating that I was replacing my manager as one of the two delegates of the band. This was submitted at 8:00am. The register was duly initialed by PT Inc. personnel and I was allowed to sign as a delegate and provided with my delegate badge.

When I approached the microphone to counter the erroneous information being provided by the incumbent Executive to those present, I was treated with disrespect by the President. When I countered that I had submitted the letter [seven other bands submitted similar letters that morning] I was told to “get away from the microphone”. It is a pity that a female delegate is treated with such disrespect, by the President.  

Once again as a duly authorized delegate of my band I was denied my right to speak under the constitution of Pan Trinbago.


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Can anybody explain to me why this is happening between 2 institutions that are dear to me going back more than sixty years?

Some say the TRUTH is your version of REALITY...

I can't believe what I am reading....with the exception of ms. Ramsey Moore and Scobie, I am afraid that you guys are speculating and "playing Smart with foolishness" I feel insulted that you guys have discriminated against the member bands of the organisation, by stating that only the "Small bands" have voted to reinstate Mr. Diaz. Terms like bully have been used by Ms. Moore. Accusations of theft and degradation have been used by some commentators. The bullying part I did not see at the meeting, I was there, the Chair of the meeting used the standing orders to control the meeting like any other chairman would have. There was order and business was taken care of. The turnout was exceptional, it's like for the very first time in the history of the steelband that every band attended. That says something about the growth of the organisation. 

If one wants change then you have to work, apparently the NV did not work hard enough. The steelbands in your parts of the woods need some help to over come some of their problems. If you guys really want to help, make suggestions to help the growth of the instrument. One and I must stress ONE pan woman made some great suggestions in the meeting, she was skillful enough to use the standing orders to do so. The NV lacked that type of vision at the meeting and was stating that they were hurt by the response of the organisation, instead of using the opportunity to show how different they could be. Steel pan have been always at the lowest level of people's priorities....people who are able and have never been involved in the arts and music at the root level, makes it difficult for them to commit any type of resources be it time or money to lift it to a different level. Until such time the truth must be, that self sufficiency will be difficult to attain and a help UP is need from commentators like you all. A special call went out to all members and steel pan lovers to support each other's program, just like the other humans in their diaspora do, stop cutting off your brothers legs and asking him to run. Stop it!!


Dear Mr. Houlder, I do not want to get back into Steelband Politics of T&T, but i wish to confirm that Ms. Denise Hernandez representative of Massy All Stars. was not allowed to speak when she went to the microphone, by Mr. Keith Diaz. Do you not remember Sir, That she tried ti explain that she brought a letter from the management of All Stars which was handed in to the secretariat of PT at the front desk , advising that Berrisford  Hunte was unable to attend the meeting and that she would replace him as one of the Band's delegates?

Do you not remember that , try as she may, Keith Diaz jumped up on a "HIGH HORSE" tactic and shut her up?

Do you not remember Keith Diaz saying," move from the mike and take your seat, i say i am not allowing you to speak?

Well, if you cannot remember all this well maybe you went outside to try and get something to eat, or maybe to the washrooms or something. 

Do you not find it strange that the Auditors indicated in their report that Pan Trinbago's Liabilities outweighed its assets by over $5,000,000.00 million dollars and no one seemed to care, that the organisation could be heading for bankruptcy

 But what does it matter.?

Mr: Trevor Emanuel Cooper: How could you and the NEW VISIONARIES treat me like that? Around the time of the ICP I posted on this forum that KEITH DIAZ was ABOUT FIVE MILLION IN THE RED in Pan Trinbago and that he was trying to get LINCOLN DOUGLAS to give him 35 million to produce the ICP and scoop off the FIVE MILLION off the top to cover his thievery. (DOUGLAS did not go for it.) Then when the elections came I threw out that FIVE MILLION DOLLARS a few times. Nobody eh even send me ah email and say Claude boy yuh right on target with your number.

Mr.Cooper: You wait until now to come and tell us about the FIVE MILLION in liabilities (STOLEN FUNDS) when you had these exact numbers in front of you for so long now.

I have not lived in Trinidad for multiple decades but I have kept using the word D-E-S-P-E-R-A-T-I-O-N to describe KEITH DIAZ and the crew of PAN TRINBAGO BANDITS. And it just seems that you and the NEW  VISIONARIES and most of the posters on this forum have gotten so rich and successful in life that you  ALL have forgotten what DESPERATION is like in TRINIDAD and TOBAGO. (Despite all the murders and escalating crime that fills the media reports every day.)

Unfortunately, the ALMOST TWO HUNDRED delegates  who voted for DIAZ in the last election still understand DESPERATION in TRINIDAD & TOBAGO. In the Trinidad that I know, a man who could steal FIVE MILLION DOLLARS like that is a REAL HERO and will always get their votes  as long as he run ah lil something now and then.

How ALLYUH CYAR UNDERSTAND THAT is a miracle to me!!!!

Now what I expect MR. KEITH DIAZ (now that he has the ABU BAKR GANG working with him) is to approach some big corporations and sponsors and rich people in Trinidad and demand that they make contributions to PAN TRINBAGO or face VIOLENT CONSEQUENCES. In next to NO TIME me and Diaz collect we FIVE MILLION and we clear the books and we ready to MEET THE PRESS and tell them about our GLORIOUS VISION for PAN TRINBAGO over the next SIX YEARS.

The alternative is that since PAN TRINBAGO is a PNM TING, this new MINISTER OF CULTURE will find a way to RUN THE FIVE MILLION so that Mr. Diaz could clear the books and GET ON WITH THE BUSINESS OF PAN.

I can guarantee you one thing: The organization IS NOT HEADING TO BANKRUPTCY!!! Me and Mr. Ketih Diaz will find a way (by the hook or by the crook) to clear those books.

There is a saying that "stupid people create dictatorships". That statement could apply to most steelband organizations in the country. People don't think, they just "go along". Does the President, as an individual, have the authority to tell you "get away from the microphone"? Just asking?
A bit of naïveté must have set in because I have become accustomed to real organizations with real rules, regulations, policies and procedures.
If what you are saying is true, then something is radically wrong with PT, if not, well.....another day.......another dollar.......or millions of dollars.

Patrick Ramdoo: Now YOU KNOW  that SOMETHING IS RADICALLY WRONG WITH PT!!! That organization is not about PAN PROGRESS it is about having a steady paycheck and control of the MILLIONS that the Government hands over to this VOTING BLOC.

Denise: Check how many women have positions of power in PAN TRINBAGO. Maybe this NEW MINISTER OF CULTURE will step in and expand the role of women in the leadership. But with the ABU BAKR gang lending muscle to the organization now -- ODW better go and write a new calypso titled DIS IS TRINIDAD.

Like HOULDER dismissively said to the NV: go back and work harder and come back in SIX YEARS. But from my political standpoint, the NEW VISIONARIES should not have contested the election. If I could sit down 6000 miles away and know it was rigged then something is wrong the vision of the NEW VISIONARIES.

Claude, I don’t have to write a new calypso, this one Br Valentino says it best, just the names have to be changed to represent the current climate we live in. Dis Place Nice…

No boi Claude. dey lick up Manning because dey say he was a dictator! Dey lick up Kamla because she too was a dictator an was family to Ali Baba. Hey Claude boi, all dem people vote fuh Diaz and he bunch because dey love dem BAD, BAD!! D bess since slice bread. New Visionaries is scamps!

Some people just love being used and abused...

Anytime you want to be a great manager, try and run a steelband. When you finish, you can run any organization in the world” (Diaz*). Ten years later in 2009, Keith Diaz was appointed president of Pan Trinbago. Diaz discussed with me his business kills, which he attributed to the many managerial roles he has held. He shared an interesting story with me: Hear how we use to make money at the bar.

 I use to pay players to come practice, but I made a rule... every person who comes to practice at night get s paid’ so, you can’t come back and ask for money later in the night because you got money up front for raveling. During the night they would buy beers. I would even give them a free beer but once you start, you would want to buy more. The money was recycling (Diaz*)…

From Mia Gormandy interview with Keith Diaz  

 The Social Conflict Surrounding Phase II Panorama Performance of 2011


So what's new, what is expected here?

Expect the unexpected, only time will tell. In the REAL world this person would be FIRED from running a company in the RED or should I say bordering on BANKRUPTCY.

odw, I would have to say that the past Government has been the # 1 enabler here, it's safe to say they funded this kind of behavior. We can expect more of the same old, same old because who has the time and the finance to go after these people.


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