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Zanda have them Despers players Dancing, they are getting with the program because if you don't dance you cyah make the Finals, 

Bede: Ah think the PANORAMA DONE. This is a wicked song and I love the melodic phrases I am hearing here in this arrangement.

You are spot on Bede... You have to at least look like you enjoying what you play. Doing so makes the judges appreciate your music more. it's not just dancing for doing it sake, it is a connection between you the pan and the arranger. If you stand still with a stolid face it looks as if you disagree with the tune selected for your performance or you dislike the arrangement. 

You could have great music but dont show you yourself enjoy playing it, makes no sense

Awesome performance...

This is pure hypocritical because I spoke to a few die heart  Despers fans and they are telling me that the band is sounding great and it look as though they will do good in 2016. Every one here on this forum know that I am very vocal and I will let off some steam here. Carlton Zanda Alexander is the arranger for Siparia Deltones which so happen to be the same band that got the last choice and prevented Despers from getting into the finals a few years ago. His Jazzy style music is well known internationally and as you could see with Despers he comes with a uniqueness unlike the other bands except Birdsong. Siparia Deltones eventually went from big band to small band because they were being shunned and were placing low because Zanda style was not appreciated by the judges and most of the players left and went to beat with other bands. If Despers make it all the way in the finals and place high it will say something about the biasness that have been going on for years towards the south bands.Years ago you will never hear of a town band like Desperadoes hiring a south arranger to work with them. Change is good town people. It work for Ken Professor Philmore with the Laventille band Sound Specialists after he we constantly being shunned with south big horse Fonclaire. Ah lie !!!!!      

I know you are sounding off but I need to correct a few points you stated. First off Siparia Deltones only really fell from grace when SanFernando borough council stopped supporting south bands and South Panorama. If you recall in the 80’s there was such a thing as zonal finals and to cut cost Pan Trinbago did away with the zonal pan and that was the end of the pan as we know it in south. Arima on the other hand still has their zone panorama. The ending of the zonal panorama caused the demise of many popular bands who could have and should have been in the big yard Sunday as a big band.


                   2ND   SUPERNOVA 272.5

                    3RD TIE   DESPERADOES  & ALLSTARS   271

                   5TH INVADERS 



STARLIFT come 12th.  I am shocked!!!

Now they are saying only TEN bands in the finals?That means XO and Starlift out.WOOOOW.!No finals appearance for ROBBIE and PELHAM.???????????????

I keep talking about the RHYTHMIC PATTERN of CALYPSO and the adaptability to the PAN and I identified this song as fitting that bill. When I heard this version of the song I knew that the musical choice was correct. It was just a matter of IF this band could deliver that song.

On PANORAMA night I thought SKIFFLE was first and Liam was second and Amrit was third.

But since DESPERS made the RIGHT SONG CHOICE I could live with the results.


             you kept vacillating on a winner -during the course of the Panorama, First, you liked Desperadoes. then all of a sudden you liked the Lavwae King....then Skiffle...you hated Supernovas but liked them a few hours later..and out of the blue ,you clung on to Silver Stars...Hence stating that Desperadoes won because of 'Tune of Choice''..AND EXCLUDING EXECUTION. You are a'' PAN JAMETTE''


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