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I think this was the best performance for the night

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Despers was great on the night of competition i was expecting a better placing but the judges descision is final the band that won had a lot of energy i am happy for them an also the competition it opens the playing field a bit.i am also a pan player and a trini i understand that this is am important part of the carnival celebration but i long for the day it will not a competition but a festival , music cannot be judged but a good performance can always be felt
Now that the competition is over and one can listen to the MUSIC AND APPRECIATE IT, one would tend to arrive at the same conclusion as yourself. The idea of show casing the band, gives all and sundry another opportunity to listen to music. Well done. DESPERADOES. ..Another year, another Great Performance.
I think so too
I think that the viewers should all view the the videos that are listed re Desperadoes and see and hear why they are just GREAT. Ricardo, I share your sentiments.
A Desperadoes power performance is a regular on the annual Panorama landscape, yet there is so much bias involved in the ' rama that the unique and exquisite sound of a band such as this likely goes unnoticed. I counted the performance as one of the best on the final night, if not the best, but had my reservations as I have been there before,in years gone by, as a performer with this band and know, more than many, what it takes to work toward being number one, and how it feels to be lightly received and heavily discarded after putting down power performances. I rate this as one of Robert Greenidge's best works with the band, and can only say that redemption will come in time.
Though belated with this response, breds I hear you LOUD & CLEAR. My major concern at this point though is whether the apparently rapidly dwindling "elders"( the real soldiers ) have been able to relay that SPECIAL spiritual connect that is characteristic of this band in particular to the current generation of players. Incidentally on a lighter note I received a call from one of these soldiers only yesterday, scared out of his wits as he received a severe "scolding" from CHARLO in a dream (nightmare??) the night before re: his delinquency as far as his input beyond merely Panorama. The brother is shittin' bricks and needed to talk. Maybe the "TRAIL" is hinting that in spite of all the power performances vs the "politics" the only way to circumvent the hurt is by lifting the bar to MEGA-PERFORMANCES with each and every appearance from now and that can only be accomplished by even greater input (WHEW!! ). Reminds me of the phase the band was going through prior to REBECCA and Charlo et al virtually crafted a neutralisation of the "politics". They were left without choice. As Robert hinted "Don't worry we will catch them..." The competitition " ting " leaves too much wide open especially in a culture as polluted as ours......but it nice nah. There is great comfort though in hearing now more & more as people really LISTEN to the MUSIC, the appreciation, or is it latent admission ?(smiles) . STARS DON'T FALL, THEY ONLY PITCH!!! LUV UP.
Thanks for posting this panster! Great performance by Despers, and I too, think this is robbie's best yet. But the melody was also the strongest, for pan, in my opinion......when the politics demand it, Despers will be back!...I'm glad for Silver Stars, having spent my boydays a few doors from their yard. and their performance too was full of energy, and good!
from Brian, a phase 2 man! ( who would be a judge, eh?)
Congrats to Silver Stars but I really agree,Desperadoes WAS the BEST on the night!!!!
Beautiful performance.
It was a very good performance, but Silver Stars deserved the victory, very captivating. even objective non supporters were thrilled by their well delivered performance.
A Great job done by Robert and Eddie with Desperadoes ...best tune of the nite ....that was music man did you all hear tone and quality come on....Muzic in your soul...to make you dance...
Every one is entitled to their own opinion but after hearing all the Bands in the finals I picked Silver Stars #1 Despers #2. Silver Stars coming in as the new kids on the block displayed what it takes to be a winner. I liked the was they set-up their pans every thing
was clear to the ear. Edwin came out like David against the * BIG GUNS * and was shareing licks. Their music was different and
the people moved when they Silver Stars played. My hats off to them


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