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By CAROL MATROO Wednesday, December 30 2015 -- Trinidad Newsday

DESPERADOES Steel Orchestra has for the past couple of weeks been housed at the former site of the Greyfriars Church of Scotland on Frederick Street, Port-of-Spain. Popularly known as “Despers”, the steelband has been homeless for several years after leaving its headquarters at Desperlie Crescant, Laventille due to some incidents of violence.

The steelband had found a temporary home at Cadiz Street, Belmont, but only recently was seen settled in at Greyfriars, which was built in the 1800s. The church, which was sold to private developer, Alfred Galy, was demolished after it was deemed unsafe because of its collapsing structure.

Manager Curtis Edwards said the steelband had been given permission by the businessman to use the land for Carnival, 2016. “We have a negotiation ongoing which I would rather not talk about this time, but this is only for 2016,” Edwards said. When contacted yesterday, Galy said the members came to him as they had no place to practise for the upcoming Carnival and Panorama, which they have won on ten occasions. “They came to me and I offered them the place at no rent.

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''Despers Will Rise Again. After Paying Some Panorama Karma Over the Past Ten Years its Time for US to Rise Again as The Phoenix and Be Conquerors Again.  Gavin Adams You Aint Nothing But a Hater Man.

Dear Mr. Adams you seem to be imbibing the wrong poison. They have that dark liquid' Gramoxzone' waiting for you to ingest.at the church compound..that would constitute to good behavior by Desperadoes. I hope more members admonish Adams on that idiotic post.

Well said Ian.Mr SCUMBAG Adams is a typical example of why the social fabric of our once beloved country has deteriorated.That's the mentality of so many adults hence  the reason why young people has no guidance.However Desperadoes music will always prevail.From FLIGHT OF THE BUMBLE BEE ,PALLESTRA,BARTERED BRIDE,MARGIE ,CRAWFIE TO MUSICAL VOLCANO,ORDINARY PEOPLE,JAMMER ,REBECCA ETC,ETC,ETC,.Take ah listen SCUMBAG ADAMS.


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