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Since the Death of Master Clive Bradley Ten Years ago This Month. Despers has Regressed From being the Greatest Steelband of the 2oth Century to being just an Ordinary Steelband, who cant even Qualify for the First ever International Panorama. Its Sad after being Winners of the Most National Panoramas.

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Val, it's truly sad to witness the tribulations that Despers endure these days, hopefully with this new arranger they could get back on track and even win a panorama soon.

Cecil My Bro. This is What I am Hoping For. Hoping. Despers Has not Have Much Success with Out Siders. Beverley - Bradley - Robbie also Scipio Sergeant are the Only Ones that Have had any success with the Band Re-Panorama! We will See How it turns out with Zanda!

Valentine: Whey yuh been, man? What do you think led to the decline of the band? Players, managers, arrangers, crime, location, politics ... what? Just a few weeks ago I read this PRAISE WORTHY article on this forum complimenting the new masterful management that had been put in place -- so it looks like the future is bright. But I don't understand how they did not vote for Diaz in the band when he controls all the cards in the GOVERNING BODY OF PAN.

Well, I don't like Zanda's music so I don't expect too much of a bounce in their performance.

Ah think it is time for a bunch of EXPAT PAN LOVERS on this forum to move back to Trinidad and form a STEELBAND NGO and start sharing their insights with the locals to build a better PATHWAY FOR PAN.

Claude My Bro. I admire Your Good Intentions for the Band but that is All Old Talk.  The Despers of Yesterday is not The Despers of Today. There  is no Real Leader or Arranger  that Can Carry the Band back to Its Glory Days. You know how Long that they are Looking for a Great Arranger. Despers Needs a Great Arranger not a Good Arranger. Great Arrangers are Very Hard to Find So are Great Leaders. Despers Still Have the Best Sounding Pans and Players around. They Need a Great leader. Curtis Edwards is Not the Leader that can do So.

Val, the way things look these days the leader don't matter, the arranger does.

Cecil. Since Master Clive Bradley and Master Jit Samaroo has left the Panorama Scene Despers and Renegades are not vas Formidable as they once were. As You Correctly Say the Arranger is the Heart & Soul of the Steelband.

Cecil. The Arranger Is the Most Important Person This I agree. Clive Bradley and Jit Samaroo Strengthens Your Point. Since they Left the Panorama Despers and Renegades have Fallen on Hard Times.You also must Have Leadership. A Ship without a Good Captain is Heading to Disaster. Discipline is very Important and a Good Skipper is Very Necessary. Neville Jules - Rudolph Charles - Birdie Manette - Tony Williams are Example of Discipline. Even thou in those Days Captains were Chief - Cook and Bottle Washers. Lol.

Val, like yuh forget steelband today is 8mins. on the stage

They need to get percussion more lively despers of yesteryears had this ability,when that engine room stated up that rack would rock side to side.don't put them down,just put some fire in rhythm section . I believe they were first band to have double traps sets.



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