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Revisited - Do something for Pan and get EDUCATED!

Khuent RoseGlobal - ....The Pan movement utterly lacks humility amongst its peers and supporters; conversely, it lacks audacity and a sense of community against its offenders.

....Boogsie”had it right ... “Do something for Pan”.  Not for your ego. Not for the political assailants that, at the drop of a farthing would sell out everything that makes pan beautiful to the highest bidder... Not to the judges and commentators who lack the ability to understand, much less articulate the cacophony of notes and tones that flashed by their ears at the hands of the 100+ mixture of musicians, instrumentalists, and pretenders. Not to the grumpy old men holding onto delusions of grandeur lost in their mummified youth. Nor the cocky up-start that has fallen in love with the idea that they’re God’s gift to the instrument.

by Khuent Rose
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Beautifully written and well articulated, You show your love for the national instrument and its future.

If only you could get a group of young thinkers and musicians together here in Trinidad I am sure that a two day get together would produce documents for the education and furtherance of the history of the pan and its arrangers, makers, tuners and last but not least the citizens.

I wish you luck and offer any assistance that I can give for such a get together.


Mr. Rose, you're a bad man.



I'm glad WST posted this. Khuent this is maybe the best essay to emerge from the many missives written in response to the past panorama...

Khuent Rose, I applaud your depth and intelligence. Nothing moves forward without an "educated" approach..... Nothing.

Doing something for Pan starts by humbling our selves and exposing our souls to learning and studying collectively.

Respectfully, Keithley Greene....


Khuent, you have posted a well thought out, well written and sincere article that I am sure will be appreciated by all who read it. Once the doors of education are open, knowledge flows....congrats to you.....I wish to soon make available to all WST membership my six Steelpan text books.............



A well thought out essay.  You can see that this young man has educated himself in Pan, and his thoughts are sincere and from the heart.  I hope the older heads in pan read this piece, as your thoughts are well structured relevant and poignant.  Well done Khuent.

khruent you are a real pan jumbie I love you too bad, Rhetoric is the greatest asset and the most dangerous invention of man, well said though, however there are a few slight corrections needed here, your prose (which is more that rather than rhetoric) may be a bit hard in a few refrences where it looks like the broad brush is being used, as far as judges and comentators especially the judges they are given a mision impossible task to render an assesment where it is unscientific to do so, commentators are (what has been throughout the ages) just people and some p[osses a greater ability to comprehen than imagined, I know you were not using the broad brush with the grumpy old men, however kindly excuse them they are (a lot of them) casualties of the meltdown within the process to forge ahead, the misappropiation of credit etc along with the hype and delusions left them bare and they are more disgruntled workers and not Grumpy old men you will discover that wheras when you get older you tend to think more in retrospect and there will be bull$#!*ers amongst the crowd that may seemed mumified in their youth and amongst there will be chicks falling from their nest discovering that they have wings, as they flutter to the ground and back to their nest think that they are soaring from mountain tops, since their nest is their world

   Nuff of my silly Prose point is that our elders paid their dues and deserve to sit in their rocking chairs smoke their pipes, and if they pee the bed change the sheet and say no more, a lot of them still have something to offer, we needed this thanks,

       The pan is we baby we need to change the pampers, give it tot tots or a bottle as needed, right now it might need some gripe water, if we not carefull it might get Gastro, so leh we make sure it gets it's shots soon it will be ready for school so take care of this sweet lil popo

I agree that the elders have paid their dues. I never had a razor guided down my back or a cutlass to my neck or a billy club whizzing above my skull. The realities of many of those "old men" I referenced contained a history of disenfranchisement, hatred, prejudice and poverty. That is part of the history that I feel is absolutely necessary to be aware of, so as not to fall into the same patterns that birthed it. I do hope that our elders are careful to pass on their knowledge instead of their prejudices and impart upon those that they lead to inspect themselves as they take the mantle in moving forward with the artform. 

A yoruba proverb says "Aifagba f'enikan ni ko je ki aye gun"- It is not recognizing the elder that the world is in disorder. As I approach eldership, I am impressed that it is worse for an elder to not recognize themself. 

I don't mind changing pampers- for the young or the old. I will learn a great deal from both... it just shouldn't be expected that those same elders become abusive, unappreciative and/or ignorant of the love and charity paid to them. I hope to impart that we are all one people and members of one body. 

I am like third or 4th generation or maybe a cross between it and I could not believe that a cutlass was swung towards my neck and as i gazed at it sticking in the post behind where my neck was and resisted grabbing it as the man weilding it struggled to get it out saying "you shouldn't a duck"  just because I said we should put up a tribute to the elders who pioneered the steelband movement in that particular district (I would not say on this board what district that is. but when I mentioned the name of the founder of the band he said don't call that name here and made a swipe at my neck, I caught the tail end of the old school I jumped through window and stuffed my coverelet just to get a knock in a panside, khruent I have to get some lessons from you boy you know things I don't, we need more vibrant youths like you you have to get porridge for them old cahots and plenty senna and salts, soft candle for them arrangers boo boo, asefesetur  .to worm out much people, the antepar stop working long time,oh gawd oh gawd ah sorry! buh ah make a short ditty Saturday on the streets which I love too bad and people was shouting bawling and flinging $5 bills like rain, Pan sweeter than honey sugar and much better than weed or rum, and i come out for jus an hour and was paid well

       the world is ready for pan but the pan world needs to go an bade off, probably take a bush bath what u recomend papa khruent

Well said Mr. Rose.

What do you see as the greatest obstacle at this moment?

the greatest obstacle is a lack of infrastructure and a lack of knowledge of how to properly and legally attain resources from our resource providers. Ensembles, bands and orchestras should be able to apply for grant-funding in order to get their needs met. The pan community looks for funding and support in a very insular fashion: BBQ's, curryque's, partys, bake sale, small concerts. Often these events are attended by the same exact individuals across the board. While the patrons are desperate to show their love and support for the endeavors and progress of the band, realistically, they can't continue to bleed those pockets and man-hours dry!

First we meet try our community with a sense of business in mind. we have a product and service to supply. Once we establish a supply we then create opportunities for it to be in demand. Pan can play anything... so why let it only play soca, calypso and reggae. Let the flexibility of the instrument work to your advantage. moreover, let the novelty of the nistrument work to your advantage while it still has access to that novelty.
We must learn to market our projects over broad plains so that we can reap the revenue and word of mouth support abroad.
to borrow from a christian epitaph :"Go ye into the highways and biways and tell the good news". The Work of the evangelist is not in the church but in the seat of the harlot. much the same that the work of the harlot is in the seat of the priest. We must make our aim and pushing pan forward and having those forward movements take us to places we have not been before. The instrument will take care of itself. It always has.
Well well Mr.Rose esquire,sir the right honourable. I just came across your entire contribution and now I know that the gift of being able to talk from our hearts is our Trinbago flavour.some of us at least is like seeing some of my own thought and others, you have really put it in a nutshell, I doubt there is anybody out there to challenge your sincerity
I hate the idea of extracting selected portions of acontribution wst is so flooded whit rhetoric that I have to take it piece by piece and I missed your entire presentation, my prior reaction was based on what wst chose to highlite now I have read the whloe thing I have only one word for you THANKS


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