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Do you think that tributes are needed for the 50th anniversary of the prelims?

The first Panorama Preliminary was held in February 1963.

This year, 2012 will mark the 50th anniversary of the prelims.

There is only one person that performed at all preliminaries to date.

This will be his 50th appearance at a Panorama prelim.

Also, only (4) Steel Orchestras have partaked at all prelims to date.

The forum is opened. 

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Whoever that one person is they should be commended for their longevity, thats three generations of Panorama. Franklin I would like you to publish the name of the person. Maybe there is more than one person. How can we tell????????????

Val the person is in my book and I know that you know who he is.

The person that performed at all preliminaries should be given ah GOLD WATCH and PENSION. lol.  For sure a tribute is in order.

Thanks Cecil and since you have a copy of my latest edition, both answers on page #56                           Answers #120 and 124

Yes Royce you have two of the four Steel Orchestras.

Sure trophies should be given to those bands and that one person who performed and to Mr Anthony Williams the leader,tuner and arranger of North Stars who was the first band to win back to back titles and Mr Bertie Marshall who has been tuning for 50 years. I think those four bands are Invaders,Desperadoes,All Stars and Renegades 

All Stars first Panorama was 1965.

Yes Christopher that's correct Mr. Neville Jules never wanted to enter panorama; I do not know why though.

Thanks Orlando Steve you have 3 of the 4 bands correct.

Sorry I spelt Trophies wrong.


                      Why are you second guessing yourself. I also spell trophy that way (lol)

Reply by silkydpanist 1hour ago.    I Believe is one of Three Person.  Roy Estredo, Rupert Philip or Elias Philip and the four bands are Despers  Renegades  tokyo  Invaders


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