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When Steel Talks extends condolences to friends and family of the legendary master arranger Dr. Jit Samaroo.

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RIP Dr. Jit!!!

Condolences to his family. May he rest in peace. Pan has lost a GREAT one.

A very sad loss to the local and international steelpan fraternity.Apart from Jit being a Master musical arranger,he was a fantastic human being.
On behalf of the Exodus family,I extend condolences to Jit's family and friends and of course to the Renegades Family.
May his soul Rest In Peace.

Condolences to Dr Jit's family, and steelband and T&T. We've lost another precious one.

Thank you, Dr. Jit Samaroo. Your music opened the steelpan universe for me. R.I.P.

Its a Very Sad Day For The Steelband Fraternity to Know that Our Beloved Brother Dr. Jit Samaroo Has returned to His Maker. It Really Hurts. God is The Boss. He Lent us Jit to Bring Joy to Our Hearts and Pride in Our Pan Culture.

Not Since Clive Bradley Have We Lost Someone of So High Esteem. Thanks for the Music Dr. Jit. Condolences to The Immediate Family - Pan Family - Renegades  and All Those who Knew Him and Loved His Music.''We Love You and Will Miss You. Rest In Peace Master!

Thank you to Dr. Jit for all that you have contributed over the years...may his soul rest in peace. Condolences to the family and Supernovas

Many thanks Dr Jit for your contribution to the "Evolution the Steelpan".

Even though "Shat" would have disowned you for what he termed "Crossing the Ethnic Line" by involving your whole family into what was regarded as "A Creole Bacchanal" in the formative stages.

Today, however, thanks to the likes of you 'PAN" remains a universal phenomena involving every creed, race and nationality.

 RIP Brother. You are a true Patriot and Renegade.

The stage remains yours. Thanks to your son, Amrit, who has taken up the baton.      

Very painful loss. Gone too soon. Thank you Jit for your remarkable contribution. You will rest in peace.Condolences extended to the Samaroo family, friends, and the Pan communities.

Jit Samaroo was to Renegades what crab is to callallo - he was the ingredient that gave the band its flavour.
He developed the Renegades into the musical force it is from 1971, when he took over as arranger from Selwyn Mohammed (The man credited with starting the transformation of the Renegades from a bad-john band to a musical ensemble). Jit was introduced to the Renegades by Pan-tuner Bertrand Kelman, his first Panorama tune for Renegades was the Mighty Sparrow's 'Rope' in 1972 and from then till 2007 when he retired on account of ill health, he won 9 Panoramas with the Renegades (the most by any large band arranger) including a hatrick between 1995 and 1997. (also a first by any pan arranger and certainly the only hatrick by a large band). Apart from his panorama arrangements,mJit was a musical genius - he arranged for Renegades a repertoire of music covering almost every genre of music from classical to Latin to pop and calypso that saw the band become a musical Ambassador of Trinidad and Tobago at home and abroad gracing concert stages on every continent in the world. He always stressed the importance of not just playing but performing for the audience whether it consisted of one person or a million. Jit was instrumental in forming the Renegade Youth steel Orchestra in 1999 as a training ground for the senior band and to take youngsters off the street away from harms way. Every arranger the band has used since his retirement (Amrit Samaroo, Kenneth Guppy and Duvone Stewart) have all at one time or the other trained and played under Jit so that his style has remained with the band. Jit was a composer extraordinaire, who have composed several pieces covering a wide genre including Test Pieces for the Jr Steelband Music Festival, His passing is a sad loss to Renegades and by extension the whole of Trinidad and Tobago. He was like a Godfather to all of us in Renegades big and small, old and young. He would be missed and would never be forgotten. Only last December, a wing in the Renegades pan yard was named in his honour. May eternal rest be granted on to him O Lord and may he Rest In Peace, Amen

Words cannot describe the impact this gifted individual had on our beloved art-form, and in the direction of its music.

As long as steelband music is appreciated , Jit Samaroo will be remembered, along with the greats.

 May he Rest in Peace. 

I can't believe this great man is gone, it was a blessing to meet him and play his music, which lives on ...may he rest in peace.


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