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Hi all,

I received an e-mail from the Ministry of the Arts and Multiculturalism requesting an E-Pan on loan for a display that they were putting together for participation in an expo in Surinam. The presentation was a display of pan from its inception to present. They also indicated that the display was attending an expo in China subsequently. I indicated to the officials making the request that I would loan them an E-Pan for the Surinam display but I did not want the E-Pan to be included in the China expo. They obliged and indicated that several parts of the exhibition would be returning to Trinidad and not going to china, so the stage was set.

I am turning to the community now to ask for your help in finding the E-Pan as after over one year of requesting the return of the loaned E-Pan the ministry finally informed me in person that the E-Pan was "apparently" lost. I know that the pan community is quite resourceful and it's feelers have a long reach. So, if anybody finds or has heard of anyone who has found a lost E-Pan please contact me or the Ministry of Arts and Multiculturalism so that this can be resolved

I thank you all in advance for your help.

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Maybe Sir,You might be able to contact the former AG,and he might be able to help locate the E-Pan.Remember that the AG located the piano that was missing,So my best bet is to contact the AG.

Thanks David. Its the E-Pan not "g" good idea to contact the former AG.

Looks like the former AG was Boss, when anything missing he always find it, Salmon Cupid, I wish and hope you find your E-Pan, that cost Money, good luck and happy Easter

Thanks Bede Lopez. It look so to me as well.

You are all 'kicksing' about the E- pan, maybe it's not THAT important.

When it comes to the affairs of "we" T&T, it's sometimes better to laugh than cry, seriously... ;-)

Lost & Found

This is possibly an incident of CULTURAL ESPIONAGE. In the meantime, I trust that the instrument is located and returned. Your PAN is YOUR PAN. A replacement is not acceptable.( Should we send them a pre-action protocol letter ?) This is gross negligence and irresponsibility to say the least.

If you add sentimental value you could be looking at getting an entire section of ans as replacement.

might I suggest you use the ex-AG's favourite lawyers (their names are all over the papers) to act on your behalf.

They have been getting millions from the state for injuries to prisoners that apparently might not have even happened.

If it's lost, they have to pay the cost. It's ah no-brainer. I can't understand why they did not just pay for the e-pan.

I thought an E-pan was missing. Now everybody is on a political platform. At least they are trying to help.

Brother Solomon,

Not trying to sound sarcastic, but in this day and age you can't take anything for granted. In the next year or two when China begins to mass produce the E-Pan you will begin to understand how and why your E-Pan went missing.

odw, nice one.


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