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Hi all,

I received an e-mail from the Ministry of the Arts and Multiculturalism requesting an E-Pan on loan for a display that they were putting together for participation in an expo in Surinam. The presentation was a display of pan from its inception to present. They also indicated that the display was attending an expo in China subsequently. I indicated to the officials making the request that I would loan them an E-Pan for the Surinam display but I did not want the E-Pan to be included in the China expo. They obliged and indicated that several parts of the exhibition would be returning to Trinidad and not going to china, so the stage was set.

I am turning to the community now to ask for your help in finding the E-Pan as after over one year of requesting the return of the loaned E-Pan the ministry finally informed me in person that the E-Pan was "apparently" lost. I know that the pan community is quite resourceful and it's feelers have a long reach. So, if anybody finds or has heard of anyone who has found a lost E-Pan please contact me or the Ministry of Arts and Multiculturalism so that this can be resolved

I thank you all in advance for your help.

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PHI got caught up with the present govt administration. It was not totally a private business affair which it should have been. It was done by UWI engineers with govt funds through that means. So it was not a private business. Pankat makers are alternatemode .com-very reputable electronic drum pioneers in the US. I bought the malletkat by them and many persons across the globe use the PanKat. In my estimation the PanKat is much more solid for international travels and that's one of the strengths of their company. Sidd

Here's a sample of what the PanKat and malletKat can do for the sound of pan internationally. The PHI and E-Pan can do the same but they must stop the small time competition between themselves and Cupid especially has the edge because he is in the US, but not taking sufficient advantage with that. Too much ego. A big company would one day run away with the millions of US $ that can be made.


Pan sounds by indigisounds.com a T&Telectronic  pan sound developer. T&T owns everything my friend. Lets just fly with it and make the darn money. stop the fighting. Amen.

Hallelujah! That's exactly what I'm saying!

The PanKat has been around since about 1995 manufacturing and selling the PAN PRODUCT. So I don't know why Salmon thinks they need his permission to manufacture and sell. Dr. Copeland made a very educated point. The uninformed love to threaten litigation but it is the lawyers who make a living (all the money) from litigation not the common folks. The Chinese stole the E-pan from Salmon and they are going to copy it and make billions from it. That is truly senseless banter.

Johnathan Feron , Please tell us how you know the Chinese stole the E-Pan? just asking.

Riff I am very very versed with patents so thanks for your input and advise. Most of what you said works for DESIGN PATENTS only what I have is a UTILITY PATENT. Nothing of what you said applies to me.

I hope you understand now why a design patent does not interest me.

When Ford got there Utility Patent for the motor car it does not matter what technology Mazda uses or what design Mercedes comes up with they still have to acquire a licence from FORD. I hope that's clearer now.


Thanks for the clarity, that’s how the Microsoft, Apple, Sony and others are making their billions; licensing is the basis for apps to run on their platforms. Plug and play are good examples.

If you are a developer and you want your application/software to run on Apple IPAD or Sony Play Stations you have to get a license to run your app on their product/operating systems.

This is standard in the computer industry, the applications that are used and scope of information you are allowed to access are all based on licensing agreements.


When coming to the steelpan or any derivatives of it including the electronic steelpan, the Utility principle and the Design principle is in public domain. T&T can offer the proof and argument that the electric, electronic or amplified versions of the steelpan were already attempted and made by several Trindadians, two of which stands out mostly. These are Bertie Marshall and Keith Maynard. They made physical attempts at the first designs and utility of the steelpan.  You being a Trinidadian would know by historical facts that since in the sixties Bertie Marshall had "designed" and "utilized" both amplified steelpans and also made early electronic designs of equipment specially meant for the steelpan. It was early electronics just as persons in the sixties were also experimenting with early electronics. The steelpan is not like the Ford motor car. It is an invention that is not owned by any one particular person. Therefore all derivatives of that steelpan, are just that derivatives and not original utility principles. Patents both Utility and design is for a particular time. Ford's utility no longer exist. Nothing on this planet is eternal except the souls within us. And even that travels along somewhere else. No on remains here eternally and Laws are also not eternal they change according to time place and circumstances. So you are telling me Japanese, French and German, and English car companies have to pay Ford a license royalty? Yeah right. The utility principle of the car is in public domain. anyone can come up with a design of a motor car. You have not understood Patent Laws. You cannot understand it because you hold the concept of being the only one on the planet that came up with the idea and design and utility of the concept of making the steelpan work by electronic and digital frequencies which includes midi and all the other components of audio digital technologies.  You are thinking that the Patent you have will cover this false idea of yours.-That you alone in this whole planet should own the 100% right to the electronic steelpan. Jonathan Feron and myself told you that the PanKat and its makers are in existence longer than when you came up with your idea. You will first have to win a Utility Patent licensing from that company in order to prove that point. Yeh right. A Trinidadian man challenging a long standing company of electronics. Yeh right.

You seem to be keeping yourself back badly. It is more than obvious you do not know what to do with your invention. You cannot make your invention and then hold on to it. Patent or no patent many people will also come up with steelpan electronic instruments.  It will become like the electronic keyboards. there are hundreds of companies that make them and sell them without Patents. they have no use for Patents, because by the time someone sues, that model is no longer in the market. It's obsolete.

The Utility Patent does not mean you alone own the idea of creating the electronic steelpan. It is mainly for persons or companies who you choose to manufacture your product. It's no just a use principle. It is for the purposes of utilizing the manufacturer/s, so that they could make the E-pan exactly to your specification. This type of Patent does not mean that you alone will have to license other who have come up with new designs and utilities. You have misunderstood it. So try to understand that not you alone can make electronic pans. Anyone can make it but make it differently from your methods which are outlined in your patent. This is the concept of Patents.

Utility Patent

A utility patent is granted by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for inventions that produce a new and useful result. With a utility patent, an inventor is granted the right to prevent anyone else from making, selling, using or importing the invention without the inventor's consent.


It prevents anyone else from making the E-Pan invention like what the E-Pan inventor Patented.

It does not prevent anyone with coming up with similar electronic steelpans which may have functional differences.  The Utility Patent is better for the inventor when it comes to specific functions of his inventor. This is why it is better than the Design Patent. Utility is more used by inventors than the Design Patent. Still the Utility Patent in no way gives the right to the inventor to stop anyone from making their own functions which are different from his functions. could yu imagine a world where there few inventors controlling everyone else, what they can make or not make?

Note the term new and useful result. So if I produce a new and useful result in an electronic steelpan concept I can Patent that new and useful result. Not that I can stop anyone from making new and useful results or even making an electronic steelpan. It is misunderstood by Cupid.

I've been trying to follow this discussion , but it's way to technical for a simple mind such as mine.

I know one thing about patents , however.

I'd bet no one on this forum is using an IBM computer at this time , even though IBM invented the personal computer , and there's a reason why.

If your computer isn't an IBM , you are using an IBM clone.

All these other companies like HP simply reverse engineered the IBM computer , created cheaper clones and seized the market from IBM, who were still thinking that the future of computers was in the big mainframe computers.

By the time IBM woke up , it was too late and they were never able to reclaim the market , which is why I'm posting this from a HP pavilion Laptop.

Food for thought !

Riff you made me laugh yes. You are on a good path keep reading start studying some actual cases that involve Utility Patents that might be helpful for you as well. At present your interpretation still have lots of flaws. I guess with your interpretation patents are useless. Think about that for minute. Lol lol lol . On another note the two people you mentioned above do they have patents for the invention ? Why did you or the government did not apply for a patent for them? Patents have been around for a very long time. Anyhow they would not have gotten an utility patent even though they had applied.Check your source of information. Then recheck it again, RUM shop talk and Panyard old talk don't hold up in court. The governmental of Trinidad and Tobago cannot support what you are saying. Your statement above is not fatual, but it's not your fault. It is just human nature to repeat what people say without fact checking. Bertie Marshall was not the first to invent an electronic steelpan, but Trinidadians the world over spread this information as fact. Let me take the time to explain and provide proof to support what I am saying. Bertie Marshall, who I have had the opportunity to meet and talk to, is documented talking about his creation the "Bertphone". For those of you who believe that Bertie Marshall was the first to invent the electronic steelpan, please note that there is a big difference between micing an acoustic instrument using mic pickups and what I have done. The E-Pan is not amplification of a traditional steelpan. What I have done is all through electronics making tones come out of the E-Pan using mother boards, daughter boards, chips, rubber pads, sensors and MOST IMPORTANTLY, writing of software. What Bertie did was amplify the traditional pan which a lot of people thought sounded like "Chinee music" back in the day. If you all take the time to listen to Bertie Marshall's interview, you will hear him speak of what he did to create the "Bertphone". This is not me talking here, this is Bertie himself, describing what kind of mic he used, a "through-voice mic". Here is the link to the interview http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uK2uase0FBc (21:45~22:30 minute-marker so pay close attention). Why do people put inaccurate information on a public forum like this. There are young steelpan musicians who are searching for the truth, their history and they actually write that in school. I've been to so many seminars where inaccurate information is put out and that is unfortunate. Good luck to anyone who would like to discredit the E-Pan as not be in the FIRST electronic synthesize steelpan. Good luck to the phi and pankat. I do not need to reveal my hand on WST I said tooo much already lololol.

Hi Kevin Scoon,

I am sorry that you also went through this ordeal. You are correct. There is a lesson to be learned. Next time we'll loan them photos 


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