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EARL RICHARDS: This is THE VIEW from our NEW RECORDING STUDIO in THE SOUTH opening NEXT MONTH. I hope that you finish the LYRICS to the CALYPSO in time for CARNIVAL 2020

BIG FIGHT going and happen with me and AQUIL ARRINDELL because I want to set up a PAN SYNTHESIZER room where we could make REAL GLOBAL PAN MUSIC and that man only want LIVE PAN!!!

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Hey Claude! As you often say (This is an old talk Forum) So why you want to have a BIG FIGHT with Aquil Arrindel because he only wants LIVE PAN. Live Pan makes REAL GLOBAL PAN MUSIC, Just ask Andy Narrel, Robert Greenidge, Freddy Harris and others about REAL GLOBAL PAN MUSIC with REAL LIVE PAN, Anyhow the Female admiring the view looks like the Female arranger who said She Wants More Iron In The band. 

Earl Richards: Studio opening next week -- so keep working on the LYRICS!!!


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