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Leh we forget the past and make some NEW PICKS.

Now ah taking ah chance here talking about WORLD CUP SOCCER on a PAN FORUM. Because people say that I doh ever talk about PAN and all I does talk about on THIS FORUM is RACE and irrelevant topics.

Yet when ah put up ah SERIOUS DISCUSSION about the PROMOTION OF CULTURE in TRINIDAD -- nobody eh have NOTHING TO SAY.

Ah jumping on the FRANCE BANDWAGON. MEXICO real let me down!!!

But I would like to see ENGLAND upset the WHOLE APPLE CART!!!

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Claude!!! I backing Belgium to go all the way, To me they are playing the better brand of soccer than the other semi finalists. On a more serious note Pantrinbago  Executives playing soccer with Pan Players Monies, You think  the CIP and others who have the welfare of Pan in the Mecca could score a few goals and send them packing like former Champs Brasil, Argentina, Germany and Spain?


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