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Early Trinidad and Tobago Steelbands Names Associated with Hollywood Movies

Many early Trinidad and Tobago steelband took their names from current Hollywood movies.

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The Sundowners

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They are not movies but taken during the war years e,g The Japanese Army were known as the Red Army therefore the names  was associated with war. Another name Lenningrade was associated with Russia.

Actually, I believe "Red Army" referred to Stalin's Russian army (Stalin having been the strongman of the time in Russia.

Correct, Courtney.

There was a steel band called "Rising Sun" from Belmont, POS. T&T.. From Belmont Valley Road opposite to the "Chinese Savanah" next to the "Rose Bowl". They got their name from the movie "Behind the Rising Sun" 1943. Starring Tom Neal, Margo and Robert Ryan. Check it out.

Reggie Greaves.

Thank you  for the information.

Behind the Rising Sun poster.jpgBehind the Rising Sun poster.jpgBehind the Rising Sun poster.jpgBehind the Rising Sun poster.jpg


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