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Every Carnival season we complain about the results of the various competitions, This is what the late Maestro had to say about PANORAMA JUDGING in this'video from '76 Do you agree with him.

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No matter what we will always have this. As long as we have more than one band and strong loyalties to that band.

This is not a Panorama phenomenon. Every competition in the world has a controversial outcome, some more obvious than others.

Yes but not every competition has so many controversies and queries every single year after year.

Maybe the adjudicators really not hearing the music as the man says. Not just the tenors but every section of the band

It's virtually impossible for a complex Panorama performance to be properly judged after one hearing without the benefit of a score to accompany the music.

Fans of the bands know that they have to listen to the song many times before they actually hear what's going on. Can't see how the judges can do a good job with only one hearing.

Does anyone know who the bass player for these sessions was? He is a "maestro" too.

I believe the Bass Player was Earl Rodney.

Thanks for this info. No wonder that I was completely mezmerized. :-)


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