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EVERYBODY beating the PANS so HARD in this NY PANORAMA how could anybody enjoy that ...


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Freddy Harris came later and played the PANS right!!!!

Sorry you didn't enjoy the event. Didn't recognize the panists playing any harder than say Despers or any band in TT for that matter. You sure it wasn't the audio feed? Ah well... I thoroughly enjoyed the music

I agree that pannists often "beat" the pans harder than I prefer, particularly when playing at a fast tempo.  However, the sound system at the museum did them no justice.  The system had a large "presence peak" which amplified the overtones of the tenor pans so they completely drowned out the "sweet" fundamentals. The end result was that the melody often had a shrill grating sound that I found often was painful to listen to.  This presence peak was also audible, although not as objectional with the announcer's mic and the music played by the DJ.  

Add to this erratic bass reproduction and the almost total lack of reproduction of the midrange cellos and guitars.

Unfortunately the judges were apparently subject to this audio as well; at one point I walked through the front of the VIP area directly behind the judges, and all I heard was the mono sound system mix, not the "stereo" direct sound from the stage.

Regarding the lack of middle pans, part of that in my mind is self inflicted by the way the bands arrange the instruments on the stage, but more on that later.

In complete agreement, PJJ

Was that the problem with ALL the bands? lack of middle pans? ALL the bands? Be specific.

Well, I heard most, but not all of the bands from the audience area.  I heard very little to no middle in the amplified music.  Others may feel differently, everyone is entitled to their opinion.  You might listen to the recordings from the Panorama posted on Facebook by Adrian Lovell.  Wasn't a lack of middle pans, it was a lack of audio from the pans in the mix.  If I can get permission from Adrian, I'd love to provide a clip of his recording of Adlib from the panorama for comparison with a clip of my recording of Adlib in the panyard a day earlier.  Then you can judge for yourself. 

PJJ: What you don't know is that PAN IS THE GREATEST MUSICAL INSTRUMENT EVER INVENTED IN THE WORLD. There can NEVER be a bad recording of PAN. When PAN MEN play PAN the WHOLE WIDE WORLD is just DYING to listen and pay BIG DOLLARS for the experience. PAN COULD ANY KINDA MUSIC better than violins and trumpets and saxophones and cellos and guitars.

Pan could play JAZZ better than YANKEES and SALSA better than Mexicans and CLASSICAL better than the BOSTON SYMPHONY and R&B better than AFRICAN AMERICANS and Reggae better than JAMAICANS.

If you do not buy that premise, you cannot be accepted on this forum.

Doh waste your time!!!


PS.  I've been around pan for something approaching 25 years now, and I've certainly run into those who express the opinion that you have stated above tongue in cheek.  But there are still a lot of pan people who have a realistic view of the artform and are forward looking. 

Finally, I listen to some pretty awful recordings (of pan and other genres) because the content was important to me and it was worth overlooking the technical (and sometime performance) deficiencies to listen to the composition of the music.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and feelings.

Dr. deLight: I was under the erroneous impression that your vast intelligence was harboured mainly in the English Language with a little amplitude for TRINIDAD ALL STARS. But after listening to that Kitchener calypso you posted rebutting my trivial critique of the "ONLY MUSICAL INSTRUMENT INVENTED IN THE 20TH CENTURY" I am obligated to reassess the latitude of the harbour which encases that erudite brain of yours.

Oh Señor Gonzales:

You surprise me — How utterly mistaken you are in misinterpreting the motive behind my hurried posting. Surely, you should know I would never dare to rebut any of your critiques however trivial or puerile they may be, and sometimes are. 


On the contrary, I was attempting to endorse your position and corroborate your statement (through the mastery of our beloved Kitchener) that “PAN COULD PLAY ANY KINDA MUSIC”. 


I am indeed taken aback, that you would choose to vilipend my hurried, albeit honest contribution to this topic, and that you would attempt to stultify me with your vagarious response.

How utterly pleasurable it would be, Claude, if you would demonstrate how one should ingratiate oneself to be accepted on this forum unconditionally.


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