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Republic Bank Exodus durring their semi-final performance of Superblue’s “ Rag Storm” at the Queen’s Park Savannah, on Sunday.


Four-time Panora­ma cham­pi­ons Re­pub­lic Bank Ex­o­dus Steel Or­ches­tra has changed their tune of choice for the up­com­ing Panora­ma fi­nals, as arranger Pel­ham God­dard be­lieves the judges are not in­ter­pret­ing his arrange­ment of Austin "Su­per Blue" Lyons' Rag Storm the way he would like them to.

In­stead, Ex­o­dus will now be play­ing Kees Di­ef­fen­thaller's Sa­van­nah Grass in the fi­nal on March 2.

Ex­o­dus will be en­ter­ing the Panora­ma fi­nals in the sec­ond to last po­si­tion with 265 points.

They are 14 points be­hind cur­rent lead­ers and de­fend­ing cham­pi­ons bpTT Rene­gades.

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Is a band allowed to change  tune for the Panorama Finals? I am just asking for clarification

Exodus is very smart.

dont blame the judges

 exodus lucky to be in the finals

I didnt know you were allowed to changed song. But finally somebody playing this gem.

Can the bands eliminated from the Panorama finals challenge the recent decision made by Exodus to change the song they were judged on to qualify? This may be a next point of contention. Exodus decision in my opinion is a very strategic one (take a page from Donald Trump’s tactics....shift the focus), with many asking, ‘Can Pelham do it?’ - This now lends a new ear and interest that can benefit them.

"The judges are not interpreting his arrangement"...."as he would like them to". Arrangers put on a play in their arrangement, and judges must be in tune (pardon the pun) with what they are trying to do. Duvone was communicating with the judges while the band played.

Mercer: Is ALL FOURS dey playing or what? Arranger giving signs to JUDGES? What kinda thing is this boy? But yuh that KUENT ROSE (a musician I respect) said the same thing recently in a more general way. I will dig up the post and put it up for you. And years ago ANDY called that conducting MIMICRY (that is not the word he use eh, but the implication was the same. So ah was glad to see that LIAM TEAGUE not in THAT STUPIDNESS with SILVER STARS.

Who yuh like to win MERCER?

Invaders, but Duvone is crazy.

Back in the early 1970s, I believe Solo Habonites changed songs.  They changed from "My Connie" by Sparrow to "Steel and Brass" by King Wellington.  I think another band had changed at some point too. 

Clive Bradley,the originator of the mimicry, also described it as such - he was conducting the audience not the band. Brados was simply playin' himself. I hope that Pelham finds more judges to stand by him with this second choice, because he gave them very little to interpret in the previous one.

To each his own; unless the Steelband Association in their by-laws (writings) stipulates these guidelines, who say arrangers can’t give the judges signs, or even erect signs to achieve their means. If you have judges who can be influenced by the signs of an arranger, then they should not be judging Panorama but conducting traffic. Excuses don’t garner points in this competition, execution does. Renegades thus far must be beaten, and old talk and signs short of miracle can’t stop them.

Khuent Rose the conductor is conducting the audience and judges not the band



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