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The Rag Storm drama is still playing itself out in the High Court.
On Friday, if you did not believe the court documents, it was made clear as day that Ainsworth Mohammed and Exodus will be seeking damages from Pan Trinbago for its decision to deny the band a request to change its tune for the Panorama finals from Rag Storm to Savannah Grass which was subsequently overturned by the High Court before the 2019 Panorama final.

It will be uncharted territory, if you can imagine what “damage” that Exodus and Mohammed would have suffered, as a consequence.

For starters, Pan Trinbago will have to pay TT$1,450 to Ainsworth Mohammed and Exodus Steel Orchestra, to cover costs for a junior counsel for half an hour and an instructing attorney for one hour. But there is more to be calculated.
That was agreed before Justice Margaret Mohammed on Friday morning.
At the Hall of Justice on Friday morning Pan Trinbago, through attorney Christlyn Moore, was granted a request to be heard at the assessment of damages.
Further payments will be assessed by a Master at a date and time to be fixed by the court.

Attorney Farai Hove Masaisai appeared for Exodus and Mohammed and the matter was heard before Justice Margaret Mohammed @Room 20 in the Port of Spain High Court at the Hall of Justice.

Ainsworth Mohammed was not present- Masaisai said he was out of the jurisdiction and Senior Counsel Elton Prescott was “not well.”

Instead, Exodus was represented by two young ladies who showed up at the High Court and did not appear to know exactly why they were there.
Photo shows attorney Christlyn Moore ( at right) briefing the Pan Trinbago Executive after the matter was heard. 

PS. All Pan Trinbago Executive members came to court dressed in black- they have court clothes.

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   --appropriately "dressed in black" - the colour of mourning. Mourning for the death of the spirit that created a national steelband movement just a few decades ago. If the dead retain contact with the current world the bones of pioneers like Sydney Gollop will be erupting in their graves.

Unfortunately, (some) sitting executive members, and their associates no longer seem to have the desire to represent the interest of rank and file panmen, just loyalty to the leader of the cult in an attempt to get all for themselves.

Shameless set of self seeking parasites with no other agenda but their own!


Curlissa Charles - D' Circus "2018 Calypso" (Trinidad)

Written by Mistah Shak

"...Jealous dey Jealous..."

"...Dey too envious..."

"...leading the race in tomfoolery..."


Wannabe Forteaus and Diaz',

That is their agenda!

"just loyalty to the leader of the cult in an attempt to get all for themselves."

Thank You Mr. Russell Providence!!! I was looking for some words to summarize and describe the "BEVERLEY CULT" and you just strung them together for me.

More and more YANKEE MUSICIANS picking up that PAN to grab the outside money and all BEVERLEY and the cult members could think about is begging the NCC and the GOVERNMENT and the THA.

Ah have to thank Sharmain Baboolal for continuing to SHINE THE LIGHT on CULT LEADER BEVERLEY!!!

It look like Dane Gulston go be skating on thin ice soon -- because he wear a WHITE SHIRT!!! But then again he is the BIGGEST BUTT KISSER in the executive so he have a little latitude.

This new regime might be more dangerous than the previous. 

Has Marcus Ash sold his soul?


People must learn to have no fear of recrimination towards speaking out when they called to serve in this movement. Many delegates dont speak because of fear of recrimination, for a number and combination of reasons. Some well resourced bands like Exodus, still display fortitude in the face of any political adversity, even at the level of the Court, to drive home a point,....the Executive of PanTrinbago is us...and listening is a prerequisite for the job of service at this level of financial madness to manage especially....lets hope that a PRO at PanTrinbago is appointed or elected soon to fill the vacancy for the last 7 months, so we can continue to dialogue with our Pan Communities in Diaspora and beyond....

Gregory: Yuh in form today, boy!!! That was another beautifully expressed passage.


Ah nominating your for PRO!!!



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