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False Accusations from WACK fm's CEO, Kenny Phillips

False Accusations from WACK fm's CEO, Kenny Phillips


WACK fm's CEO - Kenny Phillips - has accused When Steel Talks of illegally sharing the station's internet feed available for the South/Central Conventional Steel Orchestra Preliminaries competition unfolding at Skinner Park in San Fernando, Trinidad.


This is untrue. The link provided below, gives the public from any part of the world, EMBED codes to share. This is no different than the Embed codes that allow the sharing of YouTube videos.


In fact the "livestream.com" site which provides those Embed codes promotes sharing of the stream. Please feel free to click on the link below and observe personally. A screenshot inviting access to the code is also shown.


Mr. Kenny Phillips sadly and bewlideringly - appears to be "technologically challenged." Mr. Phillips should perhaps consider a basic course to assist him in comprehending what 'freely sharing Embed codes' with the public means - Basic Tech course 101.


There is nothing unique to Radio stations or - many other Embed Codes - being made freely available by the "stream" provider. An example of another local station in Trinidad & Tobago which does so, is Power 102 fm. Others do so as well...



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The internet is as broad as it is wide.Culture cannot be suppressed by fame and glory. "Pan gorn but d panman dey"

Wait! WACK sponsorin' de whole Panorama?

I love WACKFM and I do appreciate the work that Kenny Phillips and company are doing to promote our culture, but there must be some misunderstanding.

The whole idea behind livestream.com is the sharing of video streams with the public, without restrictions.

Whenever I post a video, i have the option of making it private, just for my friends, or public for everyone to share or download as they wish.

I chose to make my videos available to the public. and I also embed videos made by others and available to the public, and I don't usually ask their permission (although sometimes I do give credit)

Like we used to say. "Yuh car play mas and fraid powder". 

Sometimes we can mend fences, call up the guy and reason I am sure h

e will apologize

So, what is at the core of Mr. Phillips' concern? Is there an underlying pay-per-view agenda? If that's the case, then WACK should set it up and charge accordingly. I am among numerous pan lovers across the globe who will be willing to pay to experience Panorama 2012. Whatever the issues may  be let's mend fences and move on. Both When Steel Talks and WACK are important players as far as pan is concerned. A rift between the two could only mean negative consequences to the international pan community. 

I thoroughly enjoyed  the South Central Small and Medium Bnads Prelims last night. The audience at Skinner Park seemed rather small though. (That's another story!) I am sure the on-line audience was rather large. 

I am looking forward to continuous coverage of the competitions (hopefully with better streaming). Please WST and WACK do whatever is necessary to make it happen! Can we all just get along??

i95.5 is also streams live. They were inviting all and everybody to listen in to and watch them live during the Panorama so I cannot understand the mischief that Kenny Phillip is trying to make.

At this point the only persons that can make a fuss is Pan-Trinbago.

There is no apology to be made and nothing to be resolved. 

WACK invited the population world wide to tune in ti there stream as this was there debut in that area.

my thing is this modern technology hit trinidad & tobago but they still haven't understand how modern technology works and thats not every one.

Kenny Phillips get what he wanted FREE advertising for WACK. Sarah-Ann you are so right for the past 2 weeks WACK announced daily to tune in for the test stream THIS IS FREE...

Yo, Kenny Philips looked like an idiot last night. It was pathetic. He was actually on the air crying that WST had brought too many visitors to his site. LMAO. WST is being real kind. He was really talking some dumb stuff. Embarrassing.

Something everyone should know about embedding. 

One of the best collection of pan and calypso videos on the internet are found  on the you tube channel belonging to a member of this forum who uses the sobriquet "Is de pan in me".
Though most of the videos I've posted are my own, I've also embedded some of his videos on this forum.
When I do that, any hits I get in the video posted here are also registered  as hits to the owner's video.
From a business standpoint, its a win- win situation.
If we were in the business of making money from the videos (we're not), to a potential advertiser, both of us would be credited for the video, as all of my hits would be seen as hits on his channel.
I've posted videos on you tube that got few hits until posted on WST. Overnight , they may receive two or three hundred hits, and they are immediately credited to the source video on youtube.
I've never embedded a live stream, but I believe the same also applies to  streaming videos. All the hits to the embedded version would be applied to the source of the stream. In other words, hits on WST would also be credited to WACKFM.
Again, everyone should see this as a win- win situation
Like I said , I've never embedded a live video, but I believe this is how it works. If I'm wrong, then someone more knowledgeable about the technology can correct me.

You are 1000% correct Glenroy.  I would add that any commercials, in this case WACK has embedded in the stream would also be available to the WST audience. That's more money for WACK. It's a win, win win situation.


Bugs, I really love WACK and I do appreciate what they do for the culture , but indeed I must say that they are , to quote WST."technologically challenged".

For years, on several occasions I tried to tell them that there was a flaw in their sofrware that made it impossible for some of us to download mp3 s from their website.

I told them about it on several occasions, but it was never fixed.

It should have been an easy fix, since doenloading mp3s is pretty routine today

As far as I'm concerned, that was money down the drain.

I finally gave up on them.


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