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Finals - ORDER OF APPEARANCE – Large & Medium CONVENTIONAL BANDS - Panorama 2017

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When does de Jammin start!?

Thank you! Will be there.

When INVADERS play!. This panorama is not a TWO band competition, All the bands are playing Real Good. This is evident by the closeness of the points.The competition is still very open, it is all about What each band does on the night. But i know that INVADERS is playing "real Good", whatever the results may be we are aiming to please the public.

Trevor, regardless of how good Invaders play we know that they are not in  the judges inner circle, the same as Tropical Angel Harps, that's the nature of the beast.

I think Despers played 1st before and won in that year. The problem is that All Stars breathing down their necks and will be bringing up the rear. Very dangerous 

I love Despers arrangement BUT even if they came 1st and played 1st years ago, i think that All Stars position will take them a point above them. RENEGADES as well dont be sutprised if they come 1st place or stay 2nd. We have to be realistic here. Nonetheless..all the bands do sound good but........

Cecil Hinkson ! Judges inner circle ! How you go tell Trevor Emanuel Cooper from Invaders that they have no chance of winning the title.No one ever answer my question on who picks the panel of judges.Hopefully after the 2017 season things will change. We hope !  

AWT, we all know of the "big five" the judges seldom go outside, Silver Stars and Supernovas are making it seven.

Pan Trinbago pick the judges as far as I know, but ah have ah feeling Diaz is the Chief Judge.

Cecil: Doh bother with AWT, yuh know!!! You looking at the history of the results and I looking at the history of the results and we done know who come FIRST and who come SECOND. Maybe even who come 3RD (Renegades). Any rational discussion about PANORAMA RESULTS 2017 should only include who coming 4TH thru 11TH.

That is why I advocated for putting MIA on the FINALS STAGE.

INVADERS: 27 times in the finals and 1.5 times rose as high as THIRD!

Yuh want to bet on them to win? Ah giving 25 to 1 odds!!! How much ATW want to bet?

Tell Bede he owe meh ah $100 because he say that there was going to be NO PANORAMA!!!

Despers, Renegades, Supernovas.........any order. BTW The judges are always wrong.


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