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Finals - Steel Orchestra Order of Appearance - Steelband Panorama 2010

Trinidad and Tobago - The order of appearance for the medium and large conventional steel orchestras for the 2010 national Steelband Panorama in Trinidad and Tobago has been decided. Defending Panorama champions Silver Stars will play in position eight on February 13 February at the Queen's Park Savannah. And in the medium category - Katzenjammers from Tobago have drawn position one.

1. TCL Skiffle Bunch
2. WITCO Desperadoes
3. RBTT Redemption Sound Setters
4. BP Renegades
5. Neal & Massey Trinidad All Stars
6. NLCB Fonclaire
7. Petrotrin Phase II Pan Groove
8. PCS Silver Stars
9. Caribbean Airlines Invaders
10. Solo Harmonites

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I hope Silver Stars will repeat this but I am not counting out Despers
silvers stars is 2010 champs.....
Great position to play in for the young Andre White with Zforzata and Popwell with Harmonites.
hard to beat boogsie this year - he is always way beyond the others- despers cannot come in the first 5 with that music- it is plenty music but not enough excitement- second is silver stars and tobago rss - 3rd - invaders 4th- lets see - safe carnival and enjoy
where are the positions for the medium bands?
click on the link below the listing, it leads to the full page with both the medium and large playing positions
Boogsie is in full flight and we are only getting noise ffrom Skiffle and Silver Stars. If Silver Stars win then we are just doing the usual thing. I am looking forward to this Panorama finals
How come the three west bands playing in sucession? Conspirary ?????????????????
Devil's advocate. Pay de devil.

How come the three west bands playing in sucession? Conspiracy????????????????
Devils advocate. Pay de devil.
Yea ah conspiracy to share licks big up West bands.
To my TCL Skiffle Bunch fams, Good luck in the Finals...South's best!
i cannot listen or view the panorama 2010 tonight, have any good links.?


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