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FREE MONEY!!! After burning the midnight oil practising with one or several bands for Panorama and Pantrinbago came up with the idea to pay players a stipend of $1000.00, is it free or earned money?

A few years ago Pantrinbago came up with the brilliant idea to pay Players a stipend of $1000.00 for performing in Panorama, nobody objected to it in the beginning but it created a lot of ghost bands especially in the single band category that created millions of dollars to maintain. pantrinbago did not see this brilliant idea coming back to haunt them with the increased in steelband and ghosts bands registrations for Panorama over the years especially in the single band category and their registrations were excepted with out thinking how they would pay all these players. Any way in the beginning Pantrinbago initiated the brilliant idea to pay all players a stipends of $1000.00 for performing in Panorama and most of them took advantage of it and played with one band and the crack shots played with more than one band also take advantage of the idea to eat a food. Now after burning the mid night oil and practicing for several weeks with one or several bands is that FREE MONEY as several posters have stated or is it money well earned because of the brilliant idea by Pantrinbago to pan players?

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It is money well earned (The Hard Way) by the PAN PLAYERS!!!

Earl: Ah have ah BASKET BALL TABANCA -- after tomorrow!!!

Drinking champagne on the Cavalier floor

While LeBron walks out the door

Round and round the FREE AGENT goes

Where he ends up NOBODY KNOWS

There will be no celebration tonight



Congratulations to Claude and the  G.S. Warriors on winning their third NBA Championship in four years, Save some champagne for me.  Now lets see if  we can do the same for Pan in the Mecca of Pan and make them champions again without corruptions. .


Especially with AMERICA taking over THE PAN. But they don't even KNOW THAT in TRINIDAD!!!

Claude!!! Now that the NBA season is over and you are smiling from ear to ear, there is some time to wait be fore the all important Pantrinbago elections, So i am getting ready to watch real Football, the 2018 World Cup Finals in Russia, I don't have a Country to support seeing that mines did not qualify. Any way are you into real Football (FIFA World Cup)?

WORLD CUP SOCCER and NFL FOOTBALL ... Count me in 24/7.

Earl: We getting REAL OLD, boy!!!


THE NFL was way ahead of its time!!!

Yea Congrats Claude.

Too much for the King.


Don't want to sound like a capitalist , but since their actual "work" is only panorama , how much income does panorama generate?

The only way to know for sure is by ticket sales to the panorama events.

Even if you add in the visitors who visit only for panorama , how much do steelbands actually "earn" ?

Especially when you subtract the actual costs of the panorama - transportation , etc.

The panorama stipend is only a part of the nation's contribution to arts and culture , not a "payment" for work done.

To justify bigger paychecks , steelbands will have to show their worth to the culture by taking a far more active role in the nation's premier festival , the carnival ,not just as a sideshow. 

Correction Earl...The "stipend" to panists for performing at Panorama was initiated by the government of the day back when it began. Not Pantrinbago. From $300.00 (I think) it grew to the present $1,000.00.

Appreciate you MTTB


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