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Gala Concert Honors Legendary Grand Master Steelpan Builder & Tuner Anthony Williams Celebrating His 83rd Birthday

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - Steelpan pioneer Anthony Williams ORTT (Order of the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago) will be celebrating his 83rd birthday with a steelband concert in his honor. The gala event takes place at the St. James Amphitheatre, Western Main Road, St. James, on Saturday June 21, 2014, from 3:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

....When the steelpan was still in its infancy, Anthony Williams aka “Tony” was able to design a pan with notes spaced at intervals of fifths; because the instrument’s surface looked like a spider web, Williams called it the “Spider Web Pan.” It was he who introduced ‘wheels on pans’ for Panorama.
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Every year we should honor these pan pioneers, it's just a small way of letting them know how much we appreciate what they have contributed. 

Yes My Brother, were it not for this man i probably would've taken a much longer time in falling in love with Pan. This remarkable human being, so soft spoken and humble, is a giant among other giants who all contributed in making Pan what it has become today. May ALLAH continue to bless you in seeing many more wonderful years to come.

Congrats skip its long overdue there is lots more for the pan community to learn from this icon and my skipper please interview him he's still got a great mind and lots more to offer trust me

Re name upper Bombay Street to Anthony Williams Blvd.  Now!!!!!!!!

I agree masai.   NOW,

I concur also!!

They should have changed the name Bombay St to Anthony Williams long time ago, Also They should change the name Brunton Rd to Herman "Rock" Johnson because he also played an important part in the Invention and Creation of the 4th's & 5th's with Anthony Williams.


This is the first time I am hearing this, what part did Rock play?

"Rock" Modify the Spider web, he added more notes,

Thanks Bede I did not know that.

He was also invented the jumboline pan which is called the G pan today. Happy Earthstrong Day Anthony Williams


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