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Get ready, Boogsie... with courthouse clothes

Mayor Lee Sing sues to get Phase II out of One Woodbrook Place

By Lennox Grant

In the latest outbreak of a two-decade-old war of attrition, the Port of Spain City Council has sought a court order for the removal of the Phase II Pan Groove steelband from the Woodbrook site it has occupied since 1972.


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Phase 2 is Port of Spain Trinidad.

Fight da power.

Long live de panyard- go Boogsie!

Break Down D Block including One Woodbrook Place!!!


Long Live Phase II Pan Groove!!!

Despers practiced in Belmont but went back up the hill because they are from the hill; steel bands have to remain in their community, the government made it possible for Invaders to remain in their yard, why can’t they do the same for Phase 2? Big money men in Trinidad feel that they could push around every body but David took care of Goliath, good luck Boogsie.

This represents the continued betrayal of the steelpan fraternity and instrument by the Trinidad elite and middle class.  It is ironic that this story would break on the same day WST publishes "Conspiring To Pigeonhole Pan, And That’s Cool?" by Les Slater. And was it not only yesterday that we were alerted by WST that Pepe Francis is to be awarded a Queens honor in the UK? And a few days ago we were treated to a Jonathan Scales interview.

Yes, Trinidad and Tobago has dropped the ball indeed.

Leave Boogsie and Phase II alone!!


Pan Times

Conspiring To Pigeonhole Pan, And That’s Cool?

Phase 2 belongs there, in that panyard! Fight them.Boogsie!....we're all backing you!

"We Are Not Moving" that should be the cry of the players and followers of the Phase 11 Pan Groove inside the court outside the court and up and down Port-of-Spain, but people of Trinbago has yet to learn the power of their voices and how to get the will to use it. GO BOOGSIE FIGHT


Starlift went quietly and obeyed the law ,why is Phase 2 different?We really do live in an indiscipline society.I say take them to court. HOW  can one compare Invaders problem to Phase 2 ? PHASE 2 is breaking the law and folks think it is ok to do so.Are they the first or the only steelband to be removed from a panyard site?What makes them so special? Let the courts decide. GET YOUR COURT HOUSE CLOTHES BOOGSIE.......
Starlift always move around they were never in one place for to long, on the other hand that's the only home Phase11 know. Dressing up to go to court is old school
Eminent Domain is NOT for private interest...  Phase II's Pan Yard is a national monument with considerable "public" interest.  We'll see where the court of "public opinion" sides on this one...
Totally agree with you Jay.
I don't have all the facts but I'll take a shot. One Woodbrook Place owns the lot of land. Port of Spain City Council who has been on that location prior to the birth of Phase 2 moved. Phase 2 and Starlift were told that they had to move and was told of the new location and both had input into the building of the structures on the new locations. Starlift moved to their location. Phase 2 has changed their mind and decided that they will not move. This is almost like a squatter living on my land in the back of my house and they refuse to move, even though I am paying the land tax. Phase 2 would be better served if they negotiated with the owner of One Woodbrook Place for the purchase of the lot of land that they occupy
That won't happen because the owners don;t want a steelband in their posh neighbourhood.


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