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Global steel band perform as part of Art Night in Battersea

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A steel band who have toured all over Europe will be among the performers at one of London’s biggest creative festivals.

Melodians Steel Orchestra last month performed three concerts organised by the British Embassy as part of the Great British Festival in Minsk, Belarus.

And before that they played at a garden party for Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson.

The Balham-based band, created by Terry Noel MBE more than 20 years ago, attracts some of the biggest musical talents from South London and beyond.

It will perform at Henry Cavendish school’s summer fair in Clapham from 12 noon on Saturday and then at Art Night from 6pm-12midnight on the same day.

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Four or so score years ago, a cadre of young African underprivileged young men, in a little twin-island British colony, Trinidad and Tobago, who did not know it was supposed to be scientifically impossible, created a family of musical instruments out of  the materials they had available to bring the beauty of the world's music  to enrich their and our lives. Then WE gave it gave it to the world, and thw world accepted, appreciated and loved it.
WE need a monument to the pioneers with their names inscribed for posterity.
WE need that official history, that will excite and inspire future generations
We need the museum that will preserve the journey.

Lest we forget as we already seem to be forgetting.

Tamarind Square in East Port of Spain isa good place.

What WE NEED MOST is an ADMINISTRATIVE TEAM from outside of the PAN FRATERNITY to deliver your monument and official history and museum.

A wise lady from the ARTS (in T&T) recently intimated that it is going to take another generation (or two) bring this consciousness from intellectual waxing to ACTION. But I will always believe the resources are there TODAY -- and that they reside OUTSIDE of the PAN FRATERNITY.



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