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The real Starlift Steel Orchestra, Christmas day 1956 to present 60 years of sweet pan music.

Thank you to all past and present

I'll raise a glass of Angostura 1824 to you tomorrow

Randi Curvan

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How 'bout a lil history. Rama tunes over the years. Their Mas presentations over the years. That'd be nice.


I think there's more to Starlift than that, Claude.

Okay Patrick: I am grudgingly going to present the MOST MAGNIFICENT piece of STEELBAND MUSIC I have ever heard. This is the piece of PAN MUSIC that I have used (and would continue to use) to REACH outsiders.

As a SILVER STARS diehard this sort of breaks my heart. But I have to be honest to the music.

Claude this performance is pivotal moment in the history of pan. It is this recording that convinced the great Clive Bradley that the steelband was something to be taken seriously.  Ans as we all know Clive Bradley became one of the central figures in Pan music.


Can't and won't argue with that.

Happy Birthday Starlift. You have the same year of anniversary as my marriage.

Its so  great.

Happy Birthday to Starlift and all its past and current members.


Happy Birthday Starlift. Thanks for my best years in a Steelband 1965-72.


I only had 1965 and 1966 on the road pushing and playing, but it was the best. That is until I returned in 2005.

A close neighbour of mine in Barataria was the King in 1964 " Ceremony of the Red men" Aldwin Parker. that year all my school friends took the piss because the band played Sparrows Phosferine advert song on the road.

Those were the days.


Randi, I experience "Shindig" with Starlift, I seriously  doubt that there was another Carnival Monday to match that. People, Music, Vibe, never again.

Can't argue with that either. Starlift was Monday Mas self.


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