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I am trying to determine if a pan is an authentic Guppy.
Does Guppy Brown engrave(sign) his pans?
If so - is the signature printed or written ?
Would the identification be located at a specific location on the pan ?
What other info would be included  - date of completion ?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hey Guppy began engraving his pans about 12-15 years ago. I have 3 of his pnas and just 2 of them are engraved. At that time they were written and not printed so I am not sure if that has changes in the 21st Century. I guess you may have to take a trip down to T&T and let him tell you himself or just wait til he is somewhere up north and try to hook up wit him.


Yes, Guppy engraves all of his tenors with his name: "H. Guppy", as well as the year it was made, e.g., 2011.  In a tenor, that engraving is usually somewhere in the middle space between notes (so as not to interfere with the tuning).


You can phone Guppy at his Laventille workshop at 625 3591. He uses a small punch and usually puts on the tenors By H. Guppy 2007or whatever year. This is usually placed on the inner below the high C# F# area.Other pans because of note positions could be wherever is convenient. Hope this helps.

No Gerard:

That (office) number won't help if he is busy tuning ... and his daughter no longer "mans" that office.

So you would have to try his cell number, which I shouln't reveal to the public.


It's certainly not very hard to tell. Guppy's pans all have that same signature look and sound that is recognizable a mile away. Nothing has changed for some time. I have played and seen Guppy pans with many different bands in Trinidad..new or old, shiny or rusty, they all had that Guppy look and more so the Guppy tone. I have had some not signed, some signed with G.Brown, some with H.Guppy. some say Trinidad some say T 'dad. Most now I see have the year....some don't.But Guppy's pans all have the same thing...Big notes, big tone...you will know. Best of luck. JT

Here is the Guppy Signature on a low tenor pan that I currently have for sale. This is a REAL Guppy with Guppy soul! 


I know you posted a few years ago, but Im curious to know if you still have the Guppy tenor pan for sale?

Guppy pan has a serial number on the skirt and a signature on the face that says, By H. Guppy T'dad and the year the instrument was made.

My Guppy Brown pan is lightly etched between the high Ab and Db with:

By H. Guppy



Hope this helps.

Guppy "engraves" the sound when he makes and tunes it, i.e. one will know it from the sound.  

There is the Stradivarius violin.  The Steinway piano.  And the Brown steelpan.

Next question.  How much does a HGB lead or tenor/soprano steelpan cost these days and how long does one have to wait to get one?

Well said! I have the above brand new Low C Tenor Guppy for sale.  Guppy always seems to have a healthy wait.


Mr. Hilary Borneo, the number on the skirt of the pans is the job card number that is engraved when you take them in for chrome plating,so that you get back the correct pans. If you take in six tenors, the six pans will carry the same job card number. Chrome furnishers place their number vertical next to the seam and Trincity Chrome platers place theirs horizontal.


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