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Honour Sterling, Ellie, Anthony and Ralph with The Order of Trinidad and Tobago

Today only Sterling Betancourt, Ellie Mannette and Anthony Williams are still alive and as a nation we would be amiss, if we fail to honour our patriots with The Order of Trinidad and Tobago at our 50th anniversary celebrations of nationhood in 2012. If the truth be told, these men began an odyssey 60 years ago across the frontiers of the world that is still in progress to this day Captain Griffith's musical brigade symbolized not just Caribbean unity but an era that gave this twin-island state a sense of purpose and identity.

Ralph MacDonald, although he was born in the USA, of TT parenthood(his dad, a calypsonian) he was a true 'Trini', a cultural ambassador. In most of his albums, there would always be a composition connected to Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean, for example "We Need More Calypso", "East Dry River", "Remember Kitchener", "J'Ouvert Jam", "Just The Two Of Us", and lots more. The latter, he wrote after looking into the showcase of the TT Tourist Board office in the US and saw a brochure of a girl on the beach in Tobago inviting visitors to 'discover both of us'. I think it would be fitting if the Government would honour him, posthumously with a National Award.

Minister of Arts and Multiculturalism, the ball is in your court, do the research! He wrote some great songs for "big artistes".


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True talk, Royce Russell.

Yuh preach!

Agreed, 100%!!!

There should not even be a discussion  on  this. I wholeheartedly agree. Obviously the Minister of Multi-Culture might be tooo multi to know or understand their significance.  Good luck.  Paddy Corea

I have listed George "Sonny" Goddard's accomplishments. Can you list those of Bentancourt, Mannette, Williams, and McDonald, and tell me why they deserve your advocacy for the nation's highest award, and why Goddard did not make your list? Of then ALL - whose works and accomplishments benefited pannists the most, and why? Also, what are your views on George's "posthumous" recognition, and why isn't that part of your advocacy? Thanks.

Pan'tum, The Ghost Who Talks -

Honoring The Legacy Of George "Sonny" Goddard (THE MALCOLM X OF THE "STEELBAND MOVEMENT")

I agree with you George D. George "Sonny" Goddard should be on that list. It should have been done already.


Thanks for your continued support, Bugs. I would venture to ask: What if pan came out of the Indo-Trinidadian community, and George's name was Gopaul? Seems like when it comes to Afro-Trinidadians, the "No Damn Respect" that Lady Gypsy vocalizes, extend far beyond the family! And we wonder why our "Black" young men killing one another. Give the Indians that: they understand the importance of an identity that is congruent with who they are (as an ethnic group). African descendants, because of the effects of Chattel Slavery, did not (and do not) have that sense of IDENTITY, often happy to assert that they "have Indian" in them. I encourage ALL to YouTube: MAAFA 21, as well as Dr. Velu Annamalai Dalit - The Untouchables Of India, and Tim Wise's White Privilege, to better understand the dilemma of "people of color" in post-slavery colonial societies, which, unfortunately includes our "beloved" twin-island nation. I also think we need the PM to declare her views on the Hindu caste system's relegating "Blacks" to the levels of pigs and dogs, as per their "holy writings". THE TIME TO ADDRESS RACISM AND CLASSISM IN TRINIDAD & TOBAGO IS NOW! We've been sweeping this dirt under the carpet for too long, and it will not go away until we face it and eradicate it. FOREVER!!! Then I can honestly sing: "Where EVERY CREED and RACE, find an EQUAL place." This is my truth. In Ma'at.


The truth shall always set us free,,,there are few of us that has the balls to say it as it is, it must be understood that whether racism,,segregation,or reference to one specfic religion,,,the Hindu Religion is mentioned ,,   it,s what,s portrayed openly by those in authority,,,,TOTAL  NEGLIGENCE  all comments stated here has to do with the upliftment of the steelpan,,,,direct or indirectly,,,   cold hard facts,,should everyone continue to be silent ,,,as usaual,,,,,and do not speak their mind,,,the injustice would continue  forever,,,until the world comes to an end,,   in the year 2011  with all of the rig ma role on this website,,,,,no interest was generated by anyone in authority at  the then time,,,,now,,,suddenly,,,,,,nobody ain,,t a fool,,,what,s written by THE   GHOST  WHO   TALKS ,,,,is the Truth,,,,many may feel unforcomfortable,,,there are many that may not be pleased with the comments of myself and those that do speak the truth,,,,,,BUT !!!!search yourselves,,,,,,,and,,,,,be  honest  to yourselves,,,,, anyone is free to review all of my comments on this website  from day one  to the present moment  for the facts or  with suggestions  entioned  by me  was,,,,IN  A  POSITIVE  MANNER  FOR THE BETTERMENT  AND   UPLIFTMENT  OF  THE  STEELPAN  OF  T&T,,,,God Bless

Rite on Bro. . Dada George Goddard should be on any list honorin Pan Pioneers . . is ah damm  . . blasted SHAME . .dat up tuh today . . no odder President  could come close tuh de Devoshun . . Dedicashun . . Forsite  an Pioneerin Abilities  dat Dada George  displayed . . on ah daily basis . . He still . .in ah class by heself . . de same could be said bout Mr.Tony Williams an Mr.Ellie Mannette . . an dey R deservin of any an every award dat is given . . .  ah have bucco luv an respec fuh Ralph McDonald . .buh  ah doe see hin in de same catagory . . give him someting else . . buh yes he deserve som recognition fuh wot he did  . .

I totally agree .We also need to create ways of literally keepin their names alive at the industry and community level by naming programs embarked upon by the steelpan fraternity after them.The dedication of this Panoram after Ralph is a great start and could be rotated yearly even as some of these pioneers are still alive. Ase

And the PANDERING in pan continues. Don't get me wrong; these fine men are ALL deserving, but neither of them deserve MORE credit for their contributions than George Goddard. Their contributions were circumstance to their pursuit of their own careers, and ANYONE who knows Ellie Mannette, knows that his loyalty does NOT lie with the country of his birth. (Maybe, like Ellie, Hugh Borde, and others, my dad should have pursued his own career interests, for that is what, it seems, we are more impressed, and willing to honor. I am so disappointed with the pan fraternity. Continue with your pandering and displaced accolades of greatness! George "Sonny" Goddard did MORE for this industry, than ALL of them. COMBINED!!! (Challenge me, and present the facts. And, please, show how the efforts of any of your mentioned benefited the average local pannist or the "steelband movement".) WE ARE THE ONLY INDUSTRY THAT DOES NOT HONOR ITS WORKERS' REPRESENTATIVES WHO LIVED, FOUGHT, AND DIED DEFENDING OUR RIGHTS! WHAT RIGHT OR CAUSE DID ANY OF YOUR CHOSEN FIGHT FOR? HOW DID THEY REPRESENT YOU, THE PANNIST? (Please excuse my "outburst", but posts like these REALLY pisses me off!) A shameless, ungrateful bunch, the pan fraternity seem to be. Honor McDonald for Panorama over the one who successfully organized THE VERY FIRST ONE? And you all wonder why I always so angry. What if it were your parent, who you grew up seeing slave for people who, now, cannot even find the common decency to rightly place him in the context as THE GREATEST LEADER OF THE STEELBAND MOVEMENT, and one of the MAIN personalities deserving of ANY award, accolade, or honor. Mannette? Mannette? Are you freaking kidding me. Why not Hugh Borde, the Fraud? Trinidad & Tobago -  I WILL NEVER BE PATRIOTIC TO YOU, UNTIL YOU GIVE MY FATHER THAT WHICH HE RIGHTLY DESERVES OVER ANY OTHER PERSON IN THE "STEELBAND MOVEMENT". PERIOD!!! (As long as I have the ability, I will continue to "educate" you ALL as to who GEORGE "SONNY" GODDARD is. Like the Phantom, he lives on, and from his grave, will continue to speak through the collective voices of his descendants! SHAME ON A NATION!!! (P.S. I couldn't care less who I piss off, and I AM NOT going to respond to any negative replies, as I know I'm about to "go ghetto up in here"! Enjoy your Sonny Day.)

Ok George no need to "go ghetto up in here"you are right to stand up for your father because he deserves to be honored for the work he did. Did you ever submit your fathers name to the people that chooses who will be honored. Patrick Arnold was honored and what he did can't come close to what your father did. Your father must be saying "that's my boy"

Yes, I did. Cecil, did you? Did ANYONE in the pan fraternity, especially knowing what he did? Do you think the pan fraternity should (or should have) Great question, Cecil. I'm not trying to be confrontational; I'm simply trying to make a point. Thanks, Cecil.

And, no. I wont go "ghetto". lmao. Just keeping it real.


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