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His body of work speaks for itself, no other arranger/composer is as victorious in both Steelband and conventional instruments...

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BuleBoy, Calypso Rose, David Rudder all won with his compositions, Exodus won with his arrangement, Tambu and many other performers did his music, Pelham is certainly an excellent candidate for such an award.

Absolutely!More than deserved.

Why it took so long? Yes, Yes, Yes.

Exodus - Simple Ting

Exodus - Mama Dis Is Mas

Steelband Bomb Tune...arranger Pelham Goddard 2003

Dalton Narine
5 years ago
Prof. Les Slater arranged this song for Highlanders in 1964. Exodus reprised the work for the Bertie Marshall Bomb Competition, a tribute to the innovative leader, tuner, inventor and arranger of Highlanders. Bands were encouraged to play songs from the band's discography in 2003. Exodus won the competition, performing Slater's arrangement of the Kitchener classic.

Exodus - Sexual Healing HD

Pan In The 21st Century 2006

Charlie's Roots - Old Time Days (Medley)

I like PHELAM GODDARD!!! Because if you listen to the recent interview he did with WACK and the PAN LADY -- he is much more CYNICAL than I AM!!!


it's about time!


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