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"I am very surprised that Miami Panorama would allow a band be judged that was never a band that played second using the same pans of the first band after going to the back of the stage and change T Shirts to come back on stage to play as a new band with the same players with over fifty percent crack shots right in front of the Judges and win a Panorama by one point is this fair to the other bands that put in the hard Work! Is this the precedent that we allow or set to the future of the young players of our culture.
What's going on MBHOC! You guys discourage the bands in South Florida,the judges should have been given the full Info on what was allowed. It's about time the Truth be told about what's going on in Miami. I am tired of dealing with this after supporting Miami Carnival Panorama for thirty two years! Some folks might say this is about sour grapes and let it be known it's not. it's about running a Competition in a fair and unbiased manner."

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Mister Merrytonestothebone: I thought about you all day yesterday after reading that posting -- so I am glad that you brough it over. Now I had a problem with the CONTENT because I thought that it was not EXPLICIT ENOUGH given the EXPLOSIVE NATURE of the report and I even went fishing to see if I could get some more light on this "dark" event.

Anyway, with my demented mind, I found the idea of TWO STEELBANDS playing with the same set of PANS in a PANORAMA very pioneering -- since I have long dreamed of a STEELBAND COMPETITION where ONE SET OF PANS were used by ALL TEN BANDS.

But that is not the point you are making -- CRACKSHOTISM has GONE GLOBAL!!! Yuh heart MUST BE BROKEN.

We need to get  a better report on THIS EVENT, though!!!

More than one band using the same pans can be an excellent idea...But as I responded.."Whatever happens in the Mecca will always be duplicated anywhere there is Panorama"...Even the anyhowness...It's the Trini way I suppose...I done with the complaining though...I have decided to steer clear of Panorama for the time being...I'll support my lil Icewater Single Pan band because we use the event to have a lil fun and make a lil change off the system...but beyond that I done...I won't even arrange anymore...Not for Panorama...

Come on MERRYTONESTOTHEBONE -- ah know this has long been your PET PEEVE. But don't let dem EXPAT TRINIS IN MIAMI turn your MECCA PANAPPLE CART upside down. Is FIVE MONTHS OF THE YEAR PANORAMA now -- so how yuh go SIT OUT of that.

On a different but related note, this PAN TING is getting SO BIG and DIVERSIFIED globally -- that we have to expect various forms of mutations ... even among the ORIGINAL TRIBE.

I would like to get the story from both sides, though!!!

And always with an eye for comedy/absurity: I like how THE CRACKSHOTS went "to the back of the stage and change T Shirts to come back on stage to play as a new band with the same players with over fifty percent crack shots right in front of the Judges".

And dey win, TOO!!!

MTTB if our Pan pioneers had given up, Pan may not be in existence TODAY;

Earl...there is life beyond Panorama...I refuse to lower my standards... especially for small change...

I believe the Miami people allow that to enhance the show, after-all how many bands they have? The use of the word crackshots was just sensationalize the incident, however good those players were they had to have learnt and practice the tunes like the other bands.   

Cecil: Ah coming to MONTREAL to give you a HUG UP and  KISS for THIS RESPONSE!!!

There is a WHOLE PAN WORLD outside of the 1981 Square miles and it is not sitting around waiting for PAN TRINBAGO -- so dey better do like LORRAINE and WAKE UP!!!

Claude...Ah looking for a lil school situation in foreign to teach people to play Pan...Yuh could help meh with dat?...Beyond imparting meh lil knowledge and performing...I good...Panorama (as it exits) is a waste of my time...

merrytonestothebone: I sent you an email that you could help you scan a field of opportunities. But it will take a lot of OUTREACH.

Anyway, beside NORTH AMERICA -- I think that you should take a look at THE GUYANA PAN SCENCE. A man with your background in PAN could be extremely helpful to their programs. I myself am working up a plan to see if I could get into the GUYANA PAN PROGRAM from a GLOBAL MARKETING PERSPECTIVE.

All the mistakes that were made with OIL MONEY and PAN in TRINIDAD could be CORRECTED in GUYANA and they could gain a BIG STAKE in GLOBAL PAN if they could understand THE VISION.

But, of course, politics and race being what it is -- the most likely thing that is likely to HAPPEN to GUYANA despite all the OIL MONEY is a RACE WAR.

However, you should look on the BRIGHT SIDE and try to make that GUYANA PAN CONNECTION -- along with the NORTH AMERICAN OUTREACH!!!

But yuh NEVAH WIN AH PANORAMA -- how yuh expect PEOPLE to know about you and call you to came in dey school? Yuh name is RAY or DUVONE or SALMON?


Many thanks for the quick response bro...

Things that make you go hmm.



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