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I recently saw NCC Panorama 2019 schedule with no mention of Single Pan category and i am surprise why WST members remain silent so far!!!

Was the 2018 Panorama the end of the Single Pan category? Pantrinbago responded by saying the NCC has not in any form taken over the running of Pantrinbago but the NCC Panorama 2019 schedule has no mention of the Single Pan category, Is this fake news or what? any way i am awaiting the official Panorama 2019 schedule from NCC or Pantrinbago or who ever is running Panorama 2019.I cannot wait to read Merrytonestothebone comments on this.!!!

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I've not seen the 2019 schedule yet but the way that the Single Pans were treated this year, it would not surprise me at all if they were on their way out of the pan competitions.  If I recall, this year's Single Pans competition was over and done before preliminaries for the Medium and Large bands even took place.

Single pans is an integral part of Panorama so this is another case of pan disrespect from PT.

Ingrid: We living on two different CONTINENTS when it comes to this PANORAMA TING. I would get rid of SINGLE and SMALL and MEDIUM and have LARGE ONLY!!!

Earl: You and Ingrid -- doh pelt no BIG STONE at me!!!

Claude:  I'll aim the big stone but I won't pelt it ...... yet!

Claude I know this may come as a surprise to you...But I agree that the small and single pan categories have run their race and need to be scrapped...The entire competition should be re-organized into just two groups, one of 60 and the other no more than 100... Or one group of 60 across the board. T&T cannot support a Panorama competition that grows and grows without limit... The only reason most bands are able to compete is because teh gov't pays the lil kakada at the end...I am certain the majority of steelbands that compete doh even break-even at the end pf the spending excercise and it is simply madness to continue throwing away good money jest so annually...But then again...Is not their money dey spending anyway, hence nobody sees a problem...

merrytonestothebone: I was going to suggest "one group of 60 across the board" but I edited because I know how people like the 120 size bands!!!

Claude...therein lies the problem...Or part of it at least...We cannot continue with Panorama as it is presently packaged "because people like 120 size bands" No serious government would continue to foot the bill of assistance to bands, stipend for players and prize monies as well given the present economic climate...But then again "People like it so"...

When I ask what is the responsibility of individual bands where Panorama is concerned nobody has yet answered. I still maintain that no government ever ask no citizen to play pan furthermore to enter a steelband in Panorama so how come we "expect" the government to pay players? So what it is now? Panorama has become "Public Assitance"? Is a "Welfare" competition now?...


It appears the people have spoken loud and clearly - they only want large bands. So why is there still a small and medium band Panorama?

In speaking about the development of the art form, Mr. Jules said that pan had gone past the single pan band era a long time ago. So why is there a single pan Panorama? What stadium can that sell out? Where is the progress in that? 


Merrytones!!! You have been preaching your concerns about what is affecting Panorama in its present form to WST members for a long time now, For example (too many categories, Bands entering Panorama just for assistance to bands funds, Players playing with more than one band to get stipends from each band) And when Panorama winners are announced you find out that 75% of the members belongs to the winning band and 25% of the members are crackshots and plays with other competing bands, therefore you asked the question

So what it is now? Panorama has become "Public Assistance"? Is a "Welfare" competition now?...On another note the revenue Panorama alone brings into the country via tourists and and Foreign Pan Players, does it exceed the  Budget given to Pantrinbago to stage Panorama on a Yearly basis? Any way thanks for your point of views on this Topic and i think the format for Panorama 2019 will be same old same old ...

Yes...yuh damn right too...I doh bizness...Especially about "beatin' pan"...If yuh know a band looking for an arranger...Check meh...

Merrytones , The fact that you use the traditional expression "beatin' pan" says a lot about you , at least to me..

Much respect , my friend.

I've always had a thing about those of us who would change the language , dialect and expressions of our own artform and culture , something we created ,to try to make it more "acceptable" to other people.

They would say they're trying to be literal , but that is not the case , since the expression "beatin' pan ' has the power of our ancestry , as it harkens back to the origins of the art-form from the African tradition of beating drums , via the tamboo-bamboo.

It's a wonder they haven't changed the traditional name "tenor' pan to "soprano pan" , or something like that.

I must make mention of the fact that the Jamaicans never did that , forcing the world to accept their art-form as is , including their patois and local expressions.

I know some may disagree , but it says a lot about us and about our true feelings about the power of our culture.


Pan Trinbago don't control Panorama no more. Single Pan and Small bands not ruling nothing. They can't even re-elect Rolly Polly. What are the Small Bands going to do - Go on strike?



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