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I want to praise three men on this forum for their contributions to STEELBAND MUSIC in the MECCA!!!

Oswald Alexander and Bertel Gittens and Merrytonestothebone are three unheralded pan soldiers who work their fingers to the bone down in T&T and still find time to come on this forum and contribute to the discussions. 

Dem three fellahs have some BIG PAN HEARTS!!!

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Claude…wha is dah one boy?…lol…Is de Curry fatigue talkin or wha?…lol

Claude, after the USA vs ARGENTINA game check out De Mighty Trini,  I think you may be suffering from CURRY TABANCA...lol.

Earl: You and I suppose to be best pardners on this forum and yuh antagonizing meh just like bugs and the english girl. Ah having ah bad week, boy!

Messi just made things worse!

My sentiments also

I would include Gerard Clarke with these guys, we know it's difficult listening to what outsiders has to say but at times one see better from a distance, one thing is sure here, we all want the same thing [ I hope lol] I believe we can accomplish a lot if we utilize this medium wisely. It's always more difficult when you are at "ground zero"  RESPECT.

Never forget Conrad Roach aka Boysie & Mussu-Rat. He was one of the innivators 

of pan with the Gonzales Iron band. He was a tin-smith by trade and brought his

skills to the transition from bamboo to steelpan.

And I thought the Mecca of the steelband was New York City. Tells you how much I know 'bout steelband.


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