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Ian Franklin will be a very good fit for Pan Trinbago, (1) He is very knowledgeable about Steel band History, (2) If he is wrong about something he will admit his error, (3) He will go to the very end to find the truth, (4) and he will be an asset to Pan Trinbago. If Pan Trinbago wants to advance they need to hire GOOD PEOPLE, (ok, lets talk about it, pan family)


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Bede I think you might be on to something here.

Cecil, I do hope that panmen do some serious thinking and voice their opinion on this. How many times have we seen so many errors with Pan Trinbago and we say, "I ain't going to say anything cause they ain't going to do anything about it any way, and if some one say something they don't do anything".it allways happen.So panmen give us your voice on this and hope Pan Trinbago listens and get Mr Ian Franklin on board, we need him.

 i agree but pan trinbago dont really like knowledgeable people and ian does not live in trinidad

Excellent suggestion. But it may not work as Ian does not live in Trinidad.

Ian will great for Pan Trinbago new blood also no friendship lets do the the right thing. Leon Denver, Colorado


This gentleman is extremely knowledgeable and can contribute to the steelband movement even if he resides in the US.It all depends on the interest of Pan Trinbago.

Great suggestion, I know Ian Franklin will be a good fit for Pan Trinbago. He is very, very knowledgeable concerning the history of Steel Pan music and the history of this movement.  He will definitely go to the very end to find the truth if he is not sure of it. He will be a great asset to Pan Trinbago or to the Steel Pan music any place else!


On the question of Ian Franklin for president of Pantrinbago, a few quick comments are in order. First the presidency of Pan Trinbago is an elected position.  The president is elected by the leaders of steelbands or their representatives. So it is up to these individuals to choose Ian or any other individual who they believe will best represent the interests of steelbands. But this is not a simple exercise because the president is elected as part of a slate of officers (I believe). Also, beyond knowledge about steelbands, the president of Pantrinbago should have a variety of skills and attributes including but not limited to training (or practical experience) in areas such as management, finance, planning, negotiations, etc. But Pantrinbago is an organization of steelbands.  Who then represents the interest of panmakers/tuners, arrangers, small ensembles, and other stakeholders in the steelband movement?  Let’s keep the dialog going. By the way, Ian is already an invaluable asset to the steelband movement!

Mr Nyomba does the present president of Pantrinbago  have all these skills you mention?

At the present time I am not suggesting that Mr.Franklin should be President of Pan Trinbago I am only saying that Pan Trinbago should have him on Board even tho' he does not live in Trinidad and I sure Pan Trinibago can bring him sometimes during the course of the year to T'dad for certain meetings etc. (I also learned that Mr Franklin is retired so his time to travel to T'dad should not be a problem), PAN TRINBAGO PLEASE GET HIM ON BOARD THIS IS A MAN WITH A LOT OF STEEL BAND KNOWLEDGE. This is a winner Pan Trinbago you cannot lose. All the cards have been dealt and we all saw everyone hole card, he has AA's back up, no one else can beat him, don't let a good thing go away, Thanking you in advance Pan Trinbago. Bede Lopez, Washington, Dc

I have no faith in the present Administration of Pantrinbago. They need a tranfusion of new blood in their body. I think Ian would be a good choice to lead them out of the wildeness. His historic knowledge will be of great help, because '''If you dont know where you come from you wont know where you are going'''. Very provacatve thought Bede!

Who is Ian Franklin?


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