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If BIDEN pick KAMALA HARRIS this week -- ah going and JUMP OFF the GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE ... NO LIE!!!

Ah hope that DODD and RENDELL save MY LIFE!!!

Otherwise ah calling bugs to do a DOCUMENTARY called TWENTY MINUTE RIDE!!!


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Trump will be jumping too...for other reasons.

Kamala Harris responds to Trump calling her 'nasty'

New Rule: Here Lies Donald Trump | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Michelle Obama could have made the picture perfect..

Tru dat...

Former first lady Michelle Obama speaks at a voter registration rally in Las Vegas.

Michelle Obama: I am sick of all the nastiness


Lord Have Mercy!!! Willie Brown himself DIGGING UP THE OLD DIRT ON KAMALA. Imagine what THE RACIST REPUBLICANS WILL DO.

New York Post August 11, 2020

"Kamala Harris’ ex suggests she ‘politely decline’ if asked to be Biden’s VP ..."

Back in 2003, she described her former relationship with Brown in an interview with SF Weekly as an “albatross hanging around my neck.”

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Bob Marley - War

Congratulations Kamala Harris...

Phase ll - Only You

William Barr stumped by Kamala Harris' question

CLAUDE!!! I  hope u were not serious about jumping off the GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE, because there is nobody waiting below to save your life. But if u insist on jumping, I suggest u try the LONDON BRIDGE, because your London Girl Friend will be waiting below to  SAVE YOUR LIFE. NO LIE!!! 

EARL RICHARDS: Yuh just SAVED MY LIFE!!! I was on my way to THE BRIDGE and decided to take one last read on WHEN STEEL TALKS and i saw your email -- so I changed my mind and turned around. Yuh could tell yuh grand children that you saved a man from suicide once.

Well, THE OBJECTIVE IS TO BEAT TRUMP ... and I hope that THIS SELECTION does not BACKFIRE and everybody end up shedding crocodile tears. AMERICA is still a WHITE MAJORITY COUNTRY -- and MEXICANS/HISPANICS is now THE LARGEST MINORITY GROUP in AMERICA. So you have to RESPECT THE NUMBERS in any ELECTION.

Thanks for TALKING ME OUT of making THE BIG JUMP!!!


Earl, you've made my day ....


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