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If Carnival Monday was declared exclusively Steelband Carnival Monday , would young people stay home ?

It has often been said on this forum by Claude and others that "Young people doh like pan for carnival" for various reasons.
As we all know , steelbands own the Brooklyn Labor Day J'ouvert , and many , including young people seem to enjoy it.
So I pose this question to the forum.
Let us suppose that the Trinidad government declared something like this :

Since the pan is our national instrument and a significant part of our culture , we have decided to promote the steelbands as a major part of our national festival.
Seeing that there is little activity on Carnival Monday , we've decided to devote Carnival Monday celebrations as exclusively a Steelband Carnival.
We feel that such an investment in the Carnival would benefit both the steelbands and the nations coffers , since we anticipate an increase in tourism related activties.
Funds provided will be used to assist the steelbands in preparing for the street parade .

We feel that since this would be a steelbands only carnival parade , it would offer the best opportunity for the steelbands to be seen and appreciated and promoted, locally and internationally.

My question is , would young people stay home on Carnival Monday under such circumstances ?

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I would say, Yes the Young people will stay home, unless the songs are the "Jump and Wave" type of music.

Young people don't appreciate Nice tune with Diminish/ Augmented Chords/ and Bomb Tunes, they want 2 and 3 Chord tunes.

Trinidad All Stars is a Steelband for Mature and Old People.

Cecil Hinkson always say, well how does All Stars do it? All Stars is the Town Band, they have had faithful followers for many years. I am not an All Stars fan but if I was still living in Trinidad I would be with them because all my friends from Behind the bridge support them. 

Carnival time the majority of Young people listen to Reggae if they want to smoke their Stuff, and Jump and wave music if they want to Jump up..

Bede, All Stars success is because of their organizational skills, it's true they have faithful followers but every year they add new ones, people love success.

If this Monday Steelband Carnival were well organized to eliminate all of the confusion, time-wasting, gridlock and long periods of no-band inactivity on parade routes normally associated with existing Carnival Tuesday, this would have wide appeal for the general public  Participation should be open to all school steelbands as well as community steelbands, and as well, open to all percussion bands (rhythm bands, tassa bands, African drumming bands etc). All  participating bands  should be encouraged to incorporate costumed presentations ( at non-exorbitant prices) by participants. Playing mas  in these bands should be open to all members of the public, including all those who play mas on Tuesday who will play with their band of choice) and marketed accordingly.  Monday Steelband Carnival should be as inclusive as possible. There may even be creative possibilities for Tuesday mas bands to "partner" with the Monday steelbands in terms of marketing, promotion, support etc. 

This is a good socially responsible idea and and would be a great support to the steelband/steelpan culture of TnT as well as a great contribution to the enrichment and public enjoyment of Trinidad and Tobago carnival. 

Good food for thought, Glenroy. 

Thank you , Lloyd McKell.

We have to start thinking "out of the box" as they say , if we want the steelbands ( and the carnival ) to grow and prosper into the future, and your thoughts are very progressive , unlike some of the naysayers on this forum.



If we were to consider that,a vast number of young people are  players in the steelbands,that suggestion may be worth a try.

People want to talk for ALL young people here, if Monday is Steelband there would be those that would deal with it, because that's what happening at the moment, young people WILL adapt, not all, but some will.

What is important for it to work is to involve the youth, you promote it for a year, giving them incentive to participate. KEEP AWAY LOUD WINE AND JAM MUSIC.

Children play mas in T&T so make it a family ting.

Why allyuh tink d greens does be pack wid Trini young people eh? Because it aint have Pan dey? An inside dey does make more noise dan on d stage and on d track!

To answer your question Glenroy, young people will take their carnival to the beach where they will wear their Beads and Feathers and maybe Bikini. Young people in the foreign and local are too different young people. One appreciate or rather forced to appreciate the culture more than the other. And I agree with you Bede! Yuh would not be able to lock dem up on d beach, Cecil.

If yuh want to see rebellion in Trini, take away how and when they play dey mas. And this is so over two hundred years now!

There is not much difference in the youths of the world today, they are all plugged in to the same technology,as a matter of fact they have never been more alike, but Trini youth has the steelpan/steelband so nothing's wrong with forcing them to love their culture, they must be made to see this as a plus as oppose to following the youth of the large countries.

Older people are supposed to offer guidance to the young not ask them wey dey want.

Wid all d technology talk, come and DO it nah!!!


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