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If you could pick an All Star group of pan players, who would you include...

For instance, the best arranger, the best tuner, the front line from Trinidad All Stars, the rhythm section from Exodus, the bass section from Phase II etc, etc.

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Just your choice for your personal "dream team "

Let's make this easy. Just pick the whole of Trinidad All Stars

Jerry Bain, there are so many skillful people in pan these days I find it difficult coming up with a dream team but I'll like to hear yours.

The man asked a simple basic question and as usual "some" of my  fellow Trinidadians have to be arrogant and difficult in their answers.The question is similar to picking an NBA dream team. Believe it or not some of the best/crackshots pan players actually migrated and reside in New York and Canada. I personally migrated and live in Queens, New York so I mingle with former players from  the North, South/Central and the East and no biasness goes on here like in the Mecca.My choice is Earl Turpin former Antillian All Stars captain and Phase II bassman.Arradin Hubert arranger for CAL Invaders who could play any pan but will be on the tenor here.Terry 'Kinsale' Figuera former Skiffle Bunch double tenor player who lives in California. Len 'Boosie' Sharpe arranger for Phase II who will be on the double second. Ken 'Professor' Philmore' arranger for NLCB Fonclaire who will be on the tenor. Dane Gulson from All Stars who will be on the tenor .To top it off the guitar and chello players will come from Exodus from the east and the quads and a few bass players from  Tobago bands Katzenjammers and Bucconeers . The whole of T&T is covered here ! Nuff said !   

Cant leave out Clayton Morris,arranger for Tropical Angel Harps from the South/Central who will be on the double second. 

Thanks Arthur.... that's exactly what I was looking for. I thought maybe I didn't explain myself too clearly. Sometimes people look for the hardest and most technical way to answer a simple question. 

Excellent response! I would try to get Ray Holman in the group and we can't forget the North Stars, Invaders, Desperadoes contributions .

Andrew Currie

I can't believe you left out one of the greatest and pioneers,Mr Robert Greenidge, but then again that's your personal choice and you are entitled to it

Picking a dream team is a cause for big fights, always. However, dream teams are done by some type of fan or player balloting. That does not exactly answer the question, but it suggests the methodology.

This is a Matter of Opinion. It have a lot of Great Players who maybe Greater than the Ones We Choose. We may never Know the answer. There is also a lot of Women who can make that Squad.

Valentine.....I don't want to argue about who is the best or greatest pan player in the World, all I want to know is, if YOU were organizing a band, and you could pick anybody you wanted to play in that band, who would you pick ( dead or alive, man or woman  )

Bede My Bro. With all due Respect. Question. After Hearing some of the Best Pan Arrangers in Your Long Life of Pan. How Can You Really Pick Andy Narell as the Arranger when Some of the Pan Players in Your Squad is So much Better than Him as Arranger and Player.


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