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If you could pick an All Star group of pan players, who would you include...

For instance, the best arranger, the best tuner, the front line from Trinidad All Stars, the rhythm section from Exodus, the bass section from Phase II etc, etc.

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Birch Kellman.Dane Gulston. (All Stars and the Bass player From All Stars Terry Demas leon Smooth Edwards

Here are my picks... Tuners: Herman "Guppy" Brown / Roland Harrigan.  Arrangers: Clive Bradley / Jit Samaroo / Robbie Greenidge.  Players:  Duvone Stuart, Liam Teague, Natasha Joseph, Len "Boogsie" Sharpe, Jim "Boss" Wharton, Ellie Manette, Andy Narell, Ken "Professor" Philmore, Dane Gulston, Robbie Greenidge, Johan Chuckaree, Arddin Herbert, Ray Holman, Earl Brooks and my good friend,Salah Wilson, Lloyd Gay, Andre White, Leon Foster. Rhythm section: Exodus iron beaters, Drummer: from Phase II ( his name slips my mind right now ) So, to make a long story short, can we not agree, that these are the best pan people around today ?

What about Bertie Marshall, Cobeau Jack Moutha Bee, Splav.

Man; Iv'e been waiting a long time for something like this, So here goes, Anthony Williams and Herman :rock" Johnston tuners, Anthony Williams arranger. North Stars tenors, double seconds, triple and quad cellos section's, with Junior Pouchet Silver Stars style basses, and a Brazilian and Cuban rhythm section...

Sorry fellas, I didn't notice it was "Dead or Alive", I thought it was "Alive and Active" then my list got to go in the Trash, I cant leave off Anthony Williams, Cobo Jack, Rock Johnson, Kelvin Hart, Clive Bradley, Cordell "Spongy" Barbour, Gunga din, them fellas from Southern Symphony,  (If I include the Deceased or the inactive , a lot of today's players will not make the side). 

As I watch and Listen to the picks of My Pan Brothers and Sisters. I realized that what ever Squad was Picked, one or More great Pannist would be left out.  We would never Know which Squad is Best.

Val, this was an opportunity for us to remember all the great pan people that went on. As for a dream team, they might all be on the other side. 

My sentiments exactly......but here's what we have from past and present memories:

 Tuners: Herman "Guppy" Brown / Roland Harrigan / Anthony Williams / Lloyd Gay / Birch Kellman / Herman "Rock" Johnson etc .....

Arrangers : Clive Bradley / Jit Samaroo / Robbie Greenidge / Anthony Williams / Beverly Griffith / Lennox "Bobby" Mohammed / Leon " Smooth" Edwards / Len "Boogsie" Sharp, I can also add Junior Pouchet / Curtis Pierre / Arradin Hubert / Earl Rodney and on and on.

Players :   Duvone Stuart / Liam Teague / Natasha Joseph / Len "Boogsie" Sharpe / Jim "Boss" Wharton / Ellie Manette / Terry " Kinsale" Figuera / Andy Narell /  Ken "Professor" Philmore / Dane Gulston /  Robbie Greenidge / Johan Chuckaree / Arddin Herbert / Ray Holman / Earl Brooks / Salah Wilson / Lloyd Gay / Andre White / Leon Foster / Belgrave Bonaparte / Beverly Griffith / Curtis Pierre / Denzil " Dimes" Fernandes / Anthony Williams / Emanuel " Cobo Jack" Riley / Herman "Rock" Johnson / Kenny and  Kelvin Hart /  Clive Bradley / Hugh Borde / Lennox "Bobby" Mohammed / Neville Jules / Birdie Manette / Oscar Pyle / Othello Mollineaux / Rudy " Two Left" Smith / Rudolph Charles / Sterling Bettancourt / Cynthia Davis / Hazel Henly / Carlton "Zigilie" Constantine /  Cordell " Spongy" Barbour / Gunga Din / Earl Rodney / Bertie Marshall / Moutha Bee / Splav / Earl LaPierre / Tommy Critchlow / Mervyn Jordan / Wendy Jones / Selwyn Gomes and a host of other players that I may have left out,( including a special section for Bede Lopez / Cecil Hinkson / Vanentine Young / Leslie Jordan et al ), combined with sections from Southern Symphony / North Stars tenors, double seconds, triple and quad cellos / Exodus Rhythm section etc, etc, etc. I hope that at some point in time, when we finally have our steelband headquarters built and functioning, that we have the opportunity to honor all these people on a " Pan Hall of Fame " ( in our lifetime )  Now dat is pan talent !

It sure is Jerry.


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