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INGRID: Ah hear yuh on an ah 3 week LOCK DOWN in LONDON -- come and make ah lime nah ... girl ah was real busy but MEH PAN PROJECT done except for THE MARKETING ...

Ingrid: Come leh we lime -- like the people say -- now is the time -- on ah NEXT COVID LOCK DOWN DAY!!!

Ingrid: Ah was working on ah lil PAN PROJECT down in TRINIDAD with some LOCALS and the project done except for some MARKETING that falls on MY SHOULDERS ... so is PLENTY PRESSURE on me.

Anyway, come back and lime, nah!!! As you know (INGRID) I am NOT the biggest PAN MUSIC LOVER in the world and if I MAKE PAN MUSIC I will use a PAN SYNTHESIZER -- but WHAT THE HELL. When yuh on LOCK DOWN all the RULES CHANGE.

Ingrid: Ah hope yuh healthy (and FINE as usual -- ah little bit of AFRICAN AMERICAN LINGUISTIC NUANCE that you might miss).

Anyway, come back and MAKE A LITTLE LIME -- even though EARL RICHARDS always trying to MIND WE BUSINESS!!!

Hey: I am looking for a MARKETING DIRECTOR of GLOBAL PAN MUSIC in LONDON if you are interested the JOB IS YOURS ... or you can recommend someone.

Please come back and LIME -- as WE TRINIS SAY!!!

INGRID: Imagine BEVERLEY RAMSEY-MOORE and that whole HIGHLY PAID EXECUTIVE stuffed their pockets with PANORAMA MONEY and then DISAPPEAR with MILLIONS (under some false COVID COVER) and they leave YOU and ME to keep the GLOBAL PAN THING ALIVE -- when ah tell yuh ... PAN IN DANGER ... PAN IN DANGER ... especially under SELF-SERVING BEVERLEY RAMSEY-MOORE!!!

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Claude:  Hope you are keeping well.

It seems to me that money is Beverley's focus and not pan so I am not shocked with anything that she does.  It's strange that she took her money first before securing the finances of the pan fraternity but the next Panorama will be with us before you can say "Key Change"!


Claude!!! Every time u invite Ingrid Blackwood-Belle to come and make ah lime u always call my name,

Ok, u want to talk about Beverly Ramsey-Moore, Pantrinbago, Panorama Money, Etc. and Ingrid likes to talk about Leadership We Can Trust. That is all good, But my contribution to this lime is simply this. How are the Members of WST, Pan Players and their families, Calypsonians, Musicians and the Whole Wide World coping with COVID 19? I saw a Southwest Airlines Flight on the news this morning with one passenger on board, He took a selfie with the Flight Attendants dancing with him to Hip Hop Music (social distancing). Also, the news said oil was at $10.72 a barrel, Very bad for the Economy. Job losses, Business closed down,  Some never to reopen again, Bills to pay with no income, school closed, no vaccine. Now if this Virus lingers on, I will have to do like Trinidad Rio and go Back To Basic.

Earl: I am doing good!!! I hope that you are SOCIAL DISTANCING and keeping yourself safe. Ah just have one little problem that I will tell you about later this week -- ah go have to cry on your shoulder because two ah we is REAL GOOD PARDNAHS!!!


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