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Ingrid Blackwood-Belle: "PROSPERITY IN PAN" turn into STRETCH OUT YUH HAN to the GOVERNMENT for HANDOUTS

Ingrid: Yuh encourage everybody to VOTE FOR BEVERLEY because two ah allyuh was going to bring PROSPERITY TO PAN and now yuh running and stretching out your han for GOVERNMENT HANDOUTS saying that is the ONLY WAY TO SURVIVE.

Ingrid:You and MARABUNTA BEV breaking me heart this first day of October 2019.

Yuh know ah have to throw in ah lil CALYPSO for you ...

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Claude:  If I recall correctly, I never encouraged anyone to vote for Beverley as I didn't like all the bacchanal that took place at Pro's funeral and I specifically took umbrage at her gloating after she won.  In fact, I suggested that pan players boycott Panorama 2019 to prove a point.  After all, they are not getting paid anyway so they have nothing to lose!


Claude!!! Don't Try That!!! You are messing up your Budding relationship with Ingrid Blackwood-Bell, She is no supporter of Beverly,She is a staunch support of your POSTIN GS so Don't Try That.

Earl:  Claude is trying to throw me under the bus but I'm safe .... I know the driver!


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