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Do we have anybody on this Site that can relate to the Steelband Clash with Invaders and Tokyo (I think it was 1950) EG: like where you were at the time, what you saw? or what you hear from your Parents or your friends, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DeyvpBznVnA

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Here's what I could tell you about that,

It was carnival

Trinidad bachannal

Fight for so Wid Invaders and Tokyo

But when the 2 bands clash

If yuh see cutlash

Never me again

to jump-up in ah steelband in Port of Spain.

Boi you was now trying to peep out into the World, ain't even start cutting teeth yet, lol

In those days carnival day was like going to war.

bede, I do not think it was early as 1950 I remember the clash it was a jouvert morning by the hospital. it had to be in the late 60s

no, the clash was in park st. check out blakie's lyrics. they're quite accurate!

It was in the 60s early in the afternoon.
It was in the 50 they was before the San Juan in 59 must have someone to help I think 50 to 54.

If the clash with San Juan All Stars was in 1959 the one with Invaders was before so it has to be early 50s.

No one messed with Invaders, as far as I can remember.

Patrick, How Old were you in 1950? "As far as you can remember", if you was around that time you would have been Shutting everybody up. We only have a few people on WST that was in that Era, You have to be at least 74 yrs old right now to say that you were there (that means at that time you would have been 10 yrs old) lol

Ooops, I missed your comment. No, I wasn't there, but I am from the West and know about Invaders. I do not know or claim to know anything about that clash. I would like to know something about it though. I'm quite familiar with the San Juan /Despers clash.

the first verse says "it was a bacchanal, 1950 carnival, fight fuh so wid INVADERS & TOKYO' the calypso itself was released in  1954 I think, but.  the fight was 1950 It was the Road March in 54- hence the reason 4 the date confusion. The 50 Road March was Last Train 2 San Fernando.


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