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There are so many conflicting narratives even though we had (and still have) live eyewitnesses to this very recent history. Sometimes you get the feeling that every EGO wants to be THE ONE to tell the tale and dismissal of all other voices has become the norm.

One highly respected contributor to pan history stated that Trinidad and Tobago must surely have the most backward set of people producing information on the pan movement.

So are we reading backwardness and treating it as PAN GOSPEL?





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The saying that the steel pan was from Point Fortin could have some truth to it because point Fortin is an oil 

producing area and Port of Spain did not have available barrells to produce the instrument.

POS had the American base.after they stop tiefing everybody dustbin: Tinsmiths used to make dustbins to sell to the community. I don't know the origins of those, but they were spread throughout the city suburbs-Belmont, Woodbrook etc. When many of the disenfranchised men got jobs on the US base, discarded drums were given? to them.

The first pans were not steel drums but biscuit and caustic soda drums. That is a fact.


Greetings: Brother Frederick: That was exactly Mister Reefer's point when he used to speak about the steelband when I was a kid growing up in Point. Dr Lance Seunarine

Brother Cecil Ah go send meh obeahman yuh; yuh to mauvais langue, eh Dr. Lance

Lance, when obeahman meet obeahman somebody backside in trouble. lol

Greetings den ah go take ah bush bath Dr. Lance

Dr Lance,

Every week I take ah "bush bath" and when ah finish ah dry the bush and smoke it all week, this is the only way I could in the forum and deal with Bede, Claude, Bertel and the rest of the gang.

Cecil: Yuh real funny boy. You and me could be pardners for life ... doh misunderstand that, eh. 

Serious, Cecil: I know that you and Bede are TOWN MEN, But who do you think was the first man to sink (concave or convex), tune and play a 55 gallon drum?


I would Believe that Ellie was the first person to sink and tune the Pan from a Concave to a Convex shape, this is what I Believe


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