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Is this important ? One of my goals for the BIG 5 Foundation (ISA) Is to make a serious attempt at standardising the entire family of PAN.

Desperadoes cannot take their stage side to Tokyo pan yard and play Ah going and party tonight on Tokyo pans or Fonclaire cannot make a tour to Canada and fulfill their engagements using Salah Steelpan Academy instruments, But any Piano, Keyboard, Guitar, Saxophone, Violin players could travel without their instruments and fulfill their engagements because of standardization of Musical instruments. If we intend to move pan forward we must come together put aside our egos and rectify problems that are keeping pan from moving forward Locally and Globally.

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The first order of the day. I totally agree earl.

Allyuh think that ISA is the return of ALL THE PROPHETS with ah MILLION MIRACLES or what? Everybody sit back for years celebrating dey PANORAMA and dey happy. Now they hear that ISA form they suddenly expecting PAN UTOPIA.


Mi Amigo, Y are you worrying you head, the steel pan musical instrument has already been Perfected, Patented, Standardize and, Copyrighted since September 18th 1963, 15 years after it's development Circa October 1949, during the said period, Anthony Williams at the age of 18 years old, derive/invented/create/originate the Circle of 4ths and 5ths technology, that derive the other voices or sections of steel pan musical instruments, after he completed the first tenor pan,he made the first pair of double second pans, in a major minor assessment order of notes, and the double cellos in an whole tone assessment order of notes, but lower than the double second, more in a baritone range, that is what Ellie Mannette copied in the TASPO, in that TASPO photo, you can see that Ellie is sitting in front of Williams, where Williams said that Ellie was always looking back to see what he is doing, copying his double pan, Williams right side pan from the left to right is, F#, D,, G#, C, E, Bb, and Williams left side pan is from left to right, G, B, Eb, A, F, C#, that is what Williams introduced to T.A.S.P.O, the 3 cellos came in 1952 with 3 set basses then 4 and 5, and 6, are in the 4ths and 5ths setting as well, these players just set the drums up however they damn well please, therefore the issues are, of their own doing, the pans are already perfected, standardize, patented and copyrighted, let me see them standardize, it again, you see how much trouble Copeland is in? when the United States Library of Congress is done with his ass, he won't have anything to sit on...


That is not a problem in primary schools in Trinidad and Tobago. Through the Pan in the Classroom project any primary school can go to another primary school or secondary school without their pans. For about the last five years or so many schools participating in Junior Panorama use pans supplied by the organizers at the savannah. Schools have won the panorama using these pans while others used their own pans. The steelpan is standardized in primary and secondary schools in Trinidad and Tobago. They are leading the way in T&T.

That`s true...


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