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It saddens me to say this, after all the fight from both the local and international pan world, but after some results in the semi-final round of Panorama 2011, i cannot agree more. PANORAMA (JUDGING) IS KILLING PAN.

Firstly let me say that i didnt play with nor have afilliations with any particular band. I dont know, and i stand to be corrected, that there's any Judge in the Panorama competition that got a greater listening position, or has vastly greater academic or musical experience than many of the members or visitors of this WST website. I might go even further to compare them to the average visitor to the panyards.

To think that year after year, people expect and beg of Pan Trinbago to find the MOST Competent Panel of Judges, and i firmly believe this is one area that the organization unfortunately fails every single year.

In regards to the title of my discussion, after listening to every band LIVE and then seeing the results, there is no way the judges came even close to getting it right based on the CRITERIA. Even though the criteria itself is another topic for discussion, based on what we have to go by right now, something has gone terribly wrong with our judging system.


When 90% of listeners have commented on the poor tonal quality sound of a band like SILVER STARS, among other valid observations, how can they come out on top? It goes further into what growth can  be expected for pan by Panorama Competition??? NONE!! WHY?  When you have a competition that you cant expect to hear anything different from the previous years, and this is being rewarded with full marks, can we really ever expect growth??


I will leave it here for now and leave it up to the pan world to discuss. Let's wake up, be real, whether our band is on top or not, is this fair to the Artform???


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very good point jeston!!!













It comes down to festival vs. competition. Pan needs more exposure than just panorama to expan...

After reading Dalton Narine's presentation at the Panorama Symposium, I am more convinced than ever that Gypsy was right (Panorama done kill pan) and that those who oppose Gypsy's view are coming from a position of political bias, self-aggrandizement, and cultural fixation.


De petition dead; panorama dead; leh we open we minds and sit down with Gypsy and draft up a new plan for pan.

Claude, you know what is my problem with Panorama? Lets start from today. Sunday gone was Large, Small and Medium Semi-Finals the Week before were the Preliminaries for the 3 Classes. The week before that were the Single Bands Semi Finals. The Week before that were the Single Bands preliminaries.


What is the next event? I believe it's the Junior Panorama this Sunday followed by the Single and Small Finals next week Thursday  or so, followed by the National Finals for Large and medium Bands. Have you analyzed the Schedule? What do you think is common or should I say, noticeable?


There is definitely a big Gap between the Semis and the Finals. There is also a big Gap between the Semis of the Single Pan and their Finals. These Finals are kept so long after the Semis that a Bands can become complacent. Players can get bored' Most importantly, on the more negative side the Bands that do not make the Finals and to a greater degree, the Bands that did not make the Semis, are DEAD FOR THE MOMENT. Their Carnival is over. In some cases, good Bands. The communities from which these bands come , are also DEAD.


What are the plans for these Bands? Do they have the finance to continue practicing? Do they have an event to practice for? Are the players of these Bands believe that they are Losers? These are the Bands I am concerned about. without further participation in the Carnival, they go into Dormancy, most of them, and might start to prepare for Carnival 2K12.


We definitely need a good plan.

Patrick, The "Dead Panyard" syndrome to me is one of the biggest negatives ot the Panorama as it it structured today, but is seldom mentioned because its effect is mostly felt by the smaller community .bands.

Once these bands do not advance to the next round of Panorama, the players become discouraged and the panyards shut down, and in most cases end all participation in the Carnival Festival until the next year Panorama.

This, I think, is a grevious loss for the Culture, the Carnival, and especially for the Steelbands concerned.
I was surprised to learn that chutney soca was streamed worldwide for free while we pan lovers were limited to radio coverage only. Hopefully, this year unlike the past two years I will be able to see and enjoy the show once I pay. It is time something is really for pan.
If Panorama is killing pan as the Minister asserts, then the Government should not hasten its demise by awarding $2m to the winning band at Panorama! Pan Trinbago should petition the Minister to revert to the old prize structure for Panorama and award the$2million to the winners of a Classical Bomb competition. The $1000 grant should only be given to players in bands which enter BOTH competitions. In addition to reviving one of the great, unique, but almost extinct expressions of the artform, Pannists and the Carnival public at large will be positively exposed to classical music of the 'greats'. 

THE PANORAMA JUDGING SYSTEM NEEDS HELP...(i make no apologies)   (and i dont hve court clothes either, so dont quote me on anything)    FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY - unless somebody cud prove me wrong or show me differently"


As a Panorama player/assistant-advisor to some arrangers in this year's panorama, i believe PANORAMA JUDGING is really KILLING PAN.....due to the problems from the heads (Pan Trinbago)

Let me give u'l a little insight on some of the judges comments or issues -

1) There was one instance in Tobago for the medium band category, where the Judges didnt place a band into the semi-final round or didnt give the full amount of points to the arrangement, because they "didnt know the tune" the band was playin!!!!           Soooooooo  - this means that the judges werent supplied with the list of songs that are going to be played by bands........how much does it cost to make a compilation of songs on a CD???? 


2) How can the 4 appointed Judges (alternate or whichever)  have a WIDE COMPARISION of points when they suppose to be on the same EAR level.......

eg. IN THIS YEAR 2011 -  Judge 'A' mentioned "Excellent Intro, Nice use of the motifs from the Chorus"  30 out of 40 for General Performance.   8 out of 10 for Tone (no comment)  7 out of 10 for Rhythm  (no comment)

Judge 'C' mentioned "Didnt hear the theme of the song in the intro, also i think you shouldve used more Chromatics to end the introduction....etc"  26/40 General Performance.  6/10 for Tone (pans didnt sound tuned - too metalic)  4/10 Rhythm (rhythm was tight, work on this area)




3) HOW CAN A SINGLE PAN BAND come in the top 5 overall in PRELIMS  out of 60 sumting OTHER BANDS and  NOT MAKE IT IN THE TOP 20 in the SEMI FINALS???????     WHAT IS SO DIFFERENT??????       THE AREA BEING OF THE 1st JUDGING POINT or THE CHANGE IN JUDGES from the different Regions. 





Jerrod, not because you're my brother i would agree with you.. But because this stuff NEEDS to be taken the press and to launch a MAJOR investigation into panorama judging.

Im not gonna wait for PanTrinbago to do something I WILL.

We have sat down toooo long and allowed these Criminals to get away with murder.. MURDER of Great Music and HARD WORK that Pan Trinbago Officials  CLEARLY know nothing about.

In my profession, as a media worker i can do alot now, so i would. I have seen soo many of these ridiculous, retarded, careless, good for nothing comments.


I hope PAN TRINBAGO ready for what coming...

KEEPING THEM HONEST: " I am more convinced than ever that Gypsy was right (Panorama done kill pan) and that those who oppose Gypsy's view are coming from a position of political bias, self-aggrandizement, and cultural fixation. De petition dead; panorama dead; leh we open we minds and sit down with Gypsy and draft up a new plan for pan." Claude Gonzales. (Who is obviously coming from those "positions"? Gypsy supporter? Why? UNC, is because he is ah PP - Political Puppet?)




Thank you..


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