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I was tuning pans yesterday when a young student asked, "Mr Gettes, are you the only Jewish Pan tuner on the planet?"  I realized i had no idea, had never really thought about it.

I am wondering if any WST members know of any other Jewish Pan tuners? There is one Steel Band in Israel, Jerusalem Steel, and they said  there are no Jewish tuners in Israel.  Does any one know of any Jewish Pan tuners? Anywhere? Many Thanks!

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You should check with Ellie Mannette, I am sure he has a couple of Jewish tuners...Emily Lemmerman comes to mind, but check with Ellie to be sure.


she's not, FYI.

I was thinking about it too. David. The way the pan has spread over the last few decades, I won't be surprised if there are several other Jewish tuners.

Even in its infancy in the fifties there were white pan  tuners, starting with Pete Seeger, and over the years there have been quite a few tuners without a Caribbean background.

Obviously we won't know their religious orientation unless they chose to self identify.

thanks GRJ- im not very religious, so i never thought about it- but as i posted -  i was asked and then my mind wheels started spinning. im really just curious- more a trivia thing cause it doesnt really matter if there are or arent. thanks for the reply.


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