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Revisiting - Journey to Desperadoes; Zanda's Untold Story



Not until he was proven to be the gift sent from Siparia to Laventille to bring the lost and wandering band from atop the Hill, back to its spiritual moorings that eyes opened to Carlton Alexander.
 Brother of Clive Zanda, Carlton, the lesser known of the two, was on the threshold of three score and ten when he gave the iconic Desperadoes Steel Orchestra a Panorama victory that pulled them out of a 15-year slump.

But it was not just a journey from  South to North Trinidad, via Canada and the USA and more lately  Soweto through his project with the late Hugh Masekela.
Carlton, left with Hugh Masekela and Clive.
Photo Trinidad Guardian.
Clearly, he was divinely prepared to recover the voice that was muted by the hard times (not financially) on which the band had fallen.   with the residue of Rudolph Charles’ leadership legacy in the dust, Desperadoes also lost its legendary arrangers Beverley Griffith and Clive Bradley.
When  the definition of Islam for the majority of young Muslims in Trinidad is in sync with the goals of ISIS, Carlton, who embraced the religion formally in Toronto in 1975, but was introduced  to it in Trinidad might appear to be an oxymoron wearing his  Taj drilling a band of musicians who are pleading in his arrangement of Voice’s  Year for Love, “What are they fighting for?”
Lifting the 2016 Panorama Champions was a process  that began more  than 60 years ago  when the sound of the Desperadoes Steel Orchestra first resonated within Carlton  as a young boy growing up in Siparia, located 81 kilometers away from  Laventille.
Not by radio or television or any kind of technology. as you would imagine.  The mystical messenger was his cousin  Reggie Peters who left Siparia in the 1950’s and headed to “town”  where he became a ‘Radoes player.

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That was a FANTASTIC ARTICLE!!! I never did CRACK COCAINE in my life, but while reading that article it felt as if I took A HIT on SOMETHING and my mind just scattered out into the UNIVERSE.


Well, being who I am and having made this point so many times on this forum -- I have to highlight one of my five or six quotes that really spoke to me.

The repertoire was Caribbean music. I do not like to use the word jazz. We are not jazz people.  
It is Caribbean folk. Jazz is a culture it is a life, it is eating cornbread and black eye peas. it is an American thing." Zanda said.
Well yuh think yuh could come in the STATES
And say yuh PLAY JAZZ ... Yuh MAD oh MEH LARD OH!!!
I got converted: I am ROOTING for DESPERADOES to WIN PANORAMA 2018!!!

Claude!!! U remind of the  CRACK SHOTS Pan Players hopping from band to band, U hopped on board the three Amigos, Then u hopped on board Duvone Stewart and said he will win a few Panoramas in a row, Now u hopped on board Zanda after readng the above post. U must be faithful like your pardner Cecil Hinkson, He respects all arrangers but is dedicated to one.


Technically, his arrangement was better than Stewart's, but it was Stewart's time that's all. 

“Despers had very good orchestrators in the history of the band and here I am coming now, so my challenge is to meet that,” Zanda said putting his work into perspective.

 Panoama 2020 had Shadowmania all over de place, de judges get wip-lash and tie Dr. Jit and Neville Jules for second place. Rudolph Charles and Clive Bradley all celebrating with de Bass-man from Hell.

Despers - Pan Is Meh Jumbie HD

JUST SOME PAN TRIVIA: Mr. Carlron "Zanda" Alexander is the only arranger to win for Desperadoes on his first panorama with the band. He is also the only arranger to place in the top-three for 5 consecutive years with Desperadoes.


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