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Judge rules: Exodus free to play Savannah Grass at Panorama final


Exodus is free to play Savannah Grass at the Panorama finals next Saturday.



High Court Judge Kevin Ramcharan on Friday night ruled in the band’s favour after its attorneys filed an injunction on Friday afternoon against Pan Trinbago who told the band that it could not change its song at this juncture.

Exodus on Tuesday announced that it was switching to Kes the Band’s Savannah Grass after entering the competition with Superblue’s Rag Storm.

“It has been settled in our favour,” Exodus manager Ainsworth Mohammed told Loop following court proceedings.

Though he said he felt good, Mohammed said it was a sad day for pan because the situation should not have reached that far.

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Exodus is a season band that win 4 titles, why go through this ? Go back to the drawing board and fix what needed to fix. Now what if they place out of the top 5. What will be the cry? But I wish them all the best anyway!! 

They went to the 'drawing board' and fixed it by choosing another song. Now, let the chips fall. It's up to the judges, and one hopes that they are not PanTrinbago judges.

"Though he said he felt good, Mohammed said it was a sad day for pan because the situation should not have reached that far."

Me and Ainsworth Mohammed are on the same page!!! The situation should have never reached THAT FAR for many reasons. I begged BEVERLEY on THIS FORUM to settle MANY TIMES. But she doh listen to NOBODY.

What does she know about THE GOOD OLD BOYS NETWORK in TRINIDAD? She never had a chance. You would be a fool to walk into THAT TRAP.

She better send me an email and ask me what to do next. Because, clearly, she got some VERY BAD ADVISERS around her.

A victory for Claude and the GOBNIT. PT wasted ppl's time building a mountain.

So....you running for Pan Trinbago President Claude?

Judge ruled in favor of Exodus. Hope their ‘Savannah Grass’ don’t turn into mush. Anything under par would deserve a severe licking with Kitchener’s Bull. Pan Trinbago now must stipulate so others can’t replicate in 2020.

Shouldn't that be the "MEMBERSHIP" must now decide the way the want to go in 2020 and beyond???

Now I am a TRINI -- REAL TRINI ... I eh come on NO BOAT!!!

But if I was BEVERLEY -- ah woulda tell THE JUDGES (not TELL ... COMMAND  THE JUDGES) to PUT EXODUS LAST.

After all -- she in control of things. And this is some HARD CORE politics that just went down!!!

Buccaneers take the cutlass and didnt complain. You in the finals and want to change song. Smfh!!

Is making the finals "given" to a band or is it deserved by the hard work of a band, its arranger, players, etc? It's in Ainsworth Mohammed's best interest to ensure the BEST outcome of his band. What rule is he breaking?


He has broken absolutely no rule. 


.....Congratulations and best wishes my friends...


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