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Judge rules: Exodus free to play Savannah Grass at Panorama final


Exodus is free to play Savannah Grass at the Panorama finals next Saturday.



High Court Judge Kevin Ramcharan on Friday night ruled in the band’s favour after its attorneys filed an injunction on Friday afternoon against Pan Trinbago who told the band that it could not change its song at this juncture.

Exodus on Tuesday announced that it was switching to Kes the Band’s Savannah Grass after entering the competition with Superblue’s Rag Storm.

“It has been settled in our favour,” Exodus manager Ainsworth Mohammed told Loop following court proceedings.

Though he said he felt good, Mohammed said it was a sad day for pan because the situation should not have reached that far.

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That is good news for me, and for Panorama! I always wanted some good band to take on Savannah Grass, one of the best songs offered. Exodus must work hard to polish up something that sets the crowds and judges jaws agape! I hope they do it right, love the Renegades but I want them to earn it, not just walk away with the win! Give them the Bomb tune, Exodus...yuh only got one chance!!

When yuh LARGE yuh LARGE, respect to Nightingales and much RESPECT to Tropical All Stars having resources counts...

13. The skill and com­pe­tence of arrangers who with the guid­ance of the ad­ju­di­ca­tors com­ments, re-tailor their arrange­ments to suit.

Ex­o­dus had pre­vi­ous­ly played Austin “Su­per Blue” Lyons’ Rag Storm for the pre­lim­i­nary and semi­fi­nal of this year’s Panora­ma com­pe­ti­tion. The band placed sec­ond to last af­ter the semi­fi­nal with 265 points, 14 points be­hind cur­rent lead­ers and de­fend­ing cham­pi­ons bpTT Rene­gades.

Mo­hammed said arranger Pel­ham God­dard has so far com­plet­ed three min­utes of the arrange­ment so far. An arrange­ment for the fi­nal is eight min­utes long.

“It’s not ful­ly arranged yet. We are about three min­utes there but we are go­ing to be there over the week­end. We will work all night to­mor­row and all day Sun­day and by the end of Sun­day I am sure we will be near to sev­en min­utes,” he said.

Trinidad All Stars - Large is Large

Correction, I meant Tropical Angel Harps

2019 Panorama Prelims South Large Bands(Nightengales) [Make a $$contribution to Pan Trinbago]

What if exodus come and win the panorama,What will the other band be thinking. 

It would be fair, because each band would be judged on ONE song and it's arrangement.

It was too simple a situation to escalate into courtroom comess. From the courtroom to the Savannah Grass....leh dem play and may the best band win.

Beverly has lost her first critical impasse.
Not a good look but this is just the first of many missteps I see coming/

I've said this before many times, PanTrinbago need someine with PR and Marketing skills to run this organization.
The days of electing someone from one steelband to run an organization that should represent all steelband interest is past.

Get with the program and rise to 21st century standards.
But it lkoks like we will continue fighting for scraps while the rest of the world "eat we kakada".,


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